Friday, January 10, 2020

Demon's Tilt Occult Pinball action - GAEMS Ultimate Console Case With Monitor!

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp - Ultimate Gaming Environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC ( Consoles Not Included) - Not Machine Specific

Hey guys,

Check it out!

If you love pinball then try out the latest Demon's Tilt. The Occult Pinball action. It's available on steam and also the Xbox version. I haven't check out steam for a while so, I didn't know this game was already available. I saw the word occult and pinball, on my Xbox screen and thought I will check it out.

Since I've got an Xbox game pass ( Ultimate 1 Month), I was also able to download the game on my pc too. I'm not sure but I think, the Pc's version graphic is a little better. I notice the ball glowing in the Pc version while on my TV it didn't. In any case, both are still awesome to play!

Ultimate 1 Month

By the way, if you haven't yet subscribed to the Xbox Game pass ultimate, you should. Now, you'll be able to play any game on the Xbox or Pc. Let's face it, most of the time, we're on our pc. But, we also like to play on a big-screen TV too. Especially, when you just want to lay down on your bed and game.

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I once talk to a guy who travels a lot, for work. Suddenly, he said, I think it must be cool to be able to do that. But, he says it's not. It's pretty tiring. I guess he's right. It must be very tiring and bored too with all that waiting and hassles.

That's why I guess, some people are willing to bring along their game console. In fact, on my last holiday, my nephews decided to bring along their own PS4. If they had told me earlier, I would have recommended them to get the GAEMS console case.

GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp - Ultimate Gaming Environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC ( Consoles Not Included) - Not Machine Specific

PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console - Only On PlayStation Bundle

This game console case can be used for your ps4 or Xbox. It also comes with a 24" Built-in monitor. It will be fun to play anywhere that you can get PowerPoint. Nowadays, the game console comes with big storage space. No more hassles of having to bring your game disc!

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Going digital is the ultimate gaming future. Going portable is also the future. In CES 2020, Dell has actually created a demo portable gaming console just like the Nintendo Switch. It actually looks pretty decent. Especially, with their illuminating Alienware logo.

Just think with the Xbox game pass for Pc or Steam you can download all your favorite games on it and play anytime and anywhere. You'll be able to play while traveling on trains, planes or buses to work. Of course, you can already do that with the Switch. But, their PC games are limited.

Razer has actually tried that before but it kinda fails. Maybe, their design wasn't cool enough. Anyway, if Dell or Microsoft decides to go into the portable gaming console. It might expand the portable gaming world and Nintendo won't be the King of portable gaming anymore.

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What you guys think?

Will portable gaming be only the domain of Nintendo or can Dell, Razer, and even Microsoft cut into this peculiar market? And, I haven't even talked about Sony Playstation. One thing for sure, they'll have to study the Nintendo portable business strategy.

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Happy portable gaming!

P.S. GAEMS Guardian Pro Xp - Ultimate Gaming Environment for PS4, Pro, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Atx PC ( Consoles Not Included) - Not Machine Specific

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