Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Starbugs - "Mr Tambourine Man" from Kids Sing Bob Dylan

Kids Sing Bob Dylan - The Bard, for children by children

Hey guys,

Check it out!

I love listening to Bob Dylan's songs. I also like watching his old performance on youtube. I'm not sure why but as usual the Google finally recommends a video of these kids singing Dylan's song. Boy, I didn't expect them to sound so good!

I've been watching and re-watching the video since. Even subscribes to their channel. Too bad, it's been out since 2014 and I only get to know them last year. I wonder how they're doing now. Especially, the little girl that sang the lead in Mr. Tambourine Man.

Apparently, they've been making other albums too. And, I must say, they sound really soothing to the ears. Some of my favorites are Knockin' on Heaven's door, Blowin' in the Wind and Forever Young. You've got to listen to believe!

Listen to their sample songs and get their albums via the links below!

Kids Sing Bob Dylan - The Bard, for children by children

Kids Sing the '60s

Yellow Submarine

Family Friendly Sing Along - Perfectly Pitched for Kids

U.S. Kids Are Rockin' It

Never Hitch a Ride with a Martian & Other Singable Songs

Great songs for kids to listen to and even sing along!

Download the songs individually or buy the whole album.

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Happy listening!

(* Update: Sun, 26 Apr 2020 - Apparently the kid's video has been brought down for copyrights. So, I shared the original video by Bob Dylan)

P.S. Click here to check out all "The Starbugs" albums!

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