Sunday, September 22, 2019

Samsung S10 plus Brutal Street 2 gameplay

Samsung Galaxy S10+ Plus Factory Unlocked Phone with 128GB (U.S. Warranty), Prism White

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I don't generally like touch screen control games. But, not all of them are bad I guess. You should download and try out Brutal Street 2. Stylish design game with simple touch control. You can upgrade your characters looks, power, and weapons with every fight.

I'm still learning how to play the game. If you watch my video, I didn't realize I should select each character and use their extra abilities during the fight. One thing, I don't like if you use touch control is that your fingers are all over the screen. Blocking the view.

A couple of time, while I was trying to select the lady character to make her moves, I accidentally close the game. That's part of the irritating thing about playing with touch control. In other games, I will tap and tap and wondering why nothing happens only to realize I was tapping at the wrong place.

I get it, that not everyone wants to buy a controller to play a mobile game. But, there are gamers like me who do. That's why I bought the ipega red knight 9087s retractable controller. Specifically, to play mobile games that have controller support.

Mobile Game Controller, Mutop Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for iOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box - iPega PG-9087S

Heck, I also like to play some games with my special edition Gears of War 4 Xbox one s controller. Which is pretty cool. Coming from a console gamer, of course, we very much prefer to play games with a real controller. But, I also frequently saw during travels people playing touch screen games on their mobile.

Gears of War 5 is out now!

Xbox One X 1TB Console - Gears 5 Limited Edition Bundle

So I get it. My solution would be, to provide both types of controls for the game. You'll make both parties very happy. Instead, of reading complains and feedbacks about the lack of better controls for your games. I'm not sure why dev is so inclined to create games without controller support. In the earlier days, you would understand but it's 2019. There are tons of mobile controller available in the market right now.

I've read feedbacks on Google play store how some gamers would delete a game once they found out it doesn't have controller support. Another thing is, of course, the pay to play concept. There aren't many good full games selling right now. There are players though who still play and even willing to pay. Brutal Street 2 is a pay to play game too. A pity.

I would pay for a full Brutal Street 2 game with controller support. I don't think, they're gonna make it. Simply because the pay to play concept is making the dev good money. The gamers are the one that supports such concept. If it doesn't work, the concept would have been long gone!

What you think?

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