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ipega red knight 9087s retractable controller s10+ gangstar vegas world of crime

Mobile Game Controller, Mutop Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for iOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box - iPega PG-9087S

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Another game that works with ipega red knight 9087s retractable controller is Gangstar Vegas: World of Crime. The game might be 'old'  but, it really plays great with a controller. I have spent almost a week with the controller and it's really that good. Only that, there are not many good games with controller support available.

Granted, it's not like your ps4 or Xbox one s controller. But, it's cheap and it's light. Put it inside your bag and pull it out when you want to play your favorite iPhone or android games. It doesn't have rumble though. And, you can't charge your phone at the same time while you're playing. Maybe, in a future iteration?

When you insert your phone on the controller, it really looks like a Nintendo switch. When I'm at home, I just leave my phone on the controller. You can navigate your phone menu with the controller too. But, you need to set it to mode 3 by pressing HOME + X button. It's nice to hold so watching youtube or listening to music isn't that bad.

You'll need to take your phone off the controller if you need to charge it. But, you can still play the game with the controller. So, it's just like the switch joy-con. Once, your phone battery is full, you can put it on again. Pretty cool. Connect your phone to a portable monitor or Tv and use the same controller to play. Just like a Nintendo switch!

Get it via the link below:

Mobile Game Controller, Mutop Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for iOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box - iPega PG-9087S

  • Compatible with: The iPega 9087s Gamepad is for BT enabled Android tablets and smartphone, Android smart TV, for IOS system, TV box, windows 7/8/10 PC, set-up box.
  • Turbo acceleration function: The iPega 9087s Game Controller make it stronger and more fast when playing games.
  • Wireless Transmission: The 9087s Joystick Gamepad can be 6 to 8 meters wide range of control of the operation.
  • Adjustable angle:Includes a phone chip, the iPega wireless gamepad supports the mobile phone with the screen under 6.2 inch.
  • Ergonomic design:Premium ABS material with ergonomic curve design iPega wireless game controller, giving you the amazing gaming experience. Hands never tired.

My only griped is that there aren't many good games available that have controller support. Many FPS or RPG games mostly used touch screen control. Which isn't that bad but for us gamers that prefer to play with a controller it's pretty irritating. It took me days just to sift through the rubbish to find one or two games. Even then, it's free to play and not a full game.

Gone are the days, where game developers would ramp up their promoting or show a demo of the gameplay. People would queue up overnight just to get the games. They'll play the game all the way till the end and replay again if it's that good. They'll then talk about it with friends or even strangers that had played the game.

I don't feel or hear that buzz any more. All I hear are gamers moaning about the death of gaming as it used to be and the take over of the mobile genre with pay to play or see ads to play ad nausea. Remember what blizzard did to their diablo mobile? Well, if blizzard had thought of diablo 4 and at the same time a mobile version, that might have not stoked the gamers community anger.

I'm still waiting for a real pc or console-level games capabilities on my mobile phone. Doesn't seem to be any so far. Even when there are so many controllers available for the phone right now? I mean, if you want to make a game with touch control, that's fine. At least, make controller support available right out the bat without waiting for gamers feedback!

To all game dev or promoters, if you have any new mobile games coming out with controller support. Just use my contact page. I'll be happy to showcase gameplay of your game on my blog and youtube channel.

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Happy gaming!

P.S. Mobile Game Controller, Mutop Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for iOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box - iPega PG-9087S

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