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iPega PG-9087S Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for IOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box

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I'm still checking out which games I can play with my ipega red knight retractable controller. One of my favorite racing games is Asphalt 9 and it works with the controller. The game is obviously using a touch screen but it's more fun playing with that tactile feedback.

I discovered that the right trigger is either for drifting, a long press or double-tapping for turning around the car. While the left trigger is for the nitrous. You use the right joystick to choose which way you want to move. Oh yeah, the button B is for going through the menu.

One thing, I found a little irritating is that I keep having to turn around the phone to make sure the controller works correctly for a specific game. As for Asphalt 9, I had to make sure the camera is on the top left. Whereas, I always prefer it to be on the bottom right.

There are not many games that I like on the Google play store. And, if you're looking for games that support a controller, don't bet on it. Worse, they're not all full game. Plenty of times, I wanted to play a game and if there's no internet connection, you won't be able to play. Isn't that ridiculous?

The touch control is not all that bad. But, we're human. Humans, like certain things to be natural. Like playing a game with a controller. I guess you have to blame it on Steve Jobs for insisting on a touchscreen-based phone. Until today, years later and even after his death, gamer still prefers playing with a controller. Get it!?

Well, Nintendo gets it. That's why they created the switch. You can use the touch screen and a controller at the same time. You can play on the go or dock it to the big screen Tv. The games are all full game and you don't need an internet connection to play. What's not to like?

The phone can be a great gaming platform. With great games. Not sub-par games that keep having the need to watch ads. Also, stick with games that use a controller. Not awkward touch control. I read somewhere that one gamer bought the ipega 9087S just to play emulator games. Simply, because they're real games!

Here's to hoping more great games coming up for the mobile phone with controller support!

iPega PG-9087S Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for IOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box

  • Compatible with: The iPega 9087s Gamepad is for BT enabled Android tablets and smartphones, Android smart TV, for IOS system, TV box, windows 7/8/10 PC, set-up box.
  • Turbo acceleration function: The iPega 9087s Game Controller make it stronger and faster when playing games.
  • Wireless Transmission: The 9087s Joystick Gamepad can be 6 to 8 meters wide range of control of the operation.
  • Adjustable angle Includes a phone chip, the iPega wireless gamepad supports the mobile phone with the screen under 6.2 inches.
  • Ergonomic design: Premium ABS material with ergonomic curve design iPega wireless game controller, giving you the amazing gaming experience. Hands never tired.

I can tell you, so far, I'm a satisfied customer with this controller. Like, I've said in my last post, it's light and pretty sturdy. You don't need to put on your phone to play all the time. In case, you need to charge it. I wish they had designed the controller in a way you can charge and play at the same time.

They can design a future controller that doubles up as a power bank. That will be cool and maybe a tad expensive. For now, the price is pretty cheap. That's part of the reason why I bought it. I was actually thinking of buying an Xbox controller for my phone. I'll use this for now.

Have you guys heard of the new Gears 5 theme controller?

Xbox Wireless Controller - Gears 5 Kait Diaz Limited Edition

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Happy gaming!

P.S. iPega PG-9087S Wireless Gamepad Controller Joystick Telescopic Game Controller for IOS Android iPhone Tablet PC TV Box

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