Sunday, May 12, 2019

HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock for Android Phone!

HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

Hey guys,

A quick post update!

I was checking out the HP V8H07UT ELITE X3 Lap Dock and seem like the price has gone down to $230 from $280+. So far, reading the comments from buyers, they all seem to love it. There is some problem like the touchpad not working correctly. But, other than that, this would be a great lap dock!

If you already have a Samsung phone like the note9 or S10, it works great with the HP lap dock. You'll be able to use it just like a laptop. Play games or check your emails on a bigger screen. You can use Samsung Dex or Linux on Dex which is ubuntu 16.04. A full Linux right on your phone!

If you're interested, you can get it via the link below:

HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

  • Go wired or wireless.
  • Talk, text and run mobile apps on your HP Elite x3 and work with Windows and corporate apps using Windows Continuum
  • Easily extend your HP Elite x3 with a large FHD screen and backlit spill-resistant keyboard.
  • Show and share your work on an external display or projector with the micro HDMI connector, and add your accessories with two USB-C ports.
  • Keep working with a generous 46.5 WHr battery, and get your HP Elite x3 back to full battery power with USB-C charging, even when the display is closed.

Pls, take note the description of the products are meant to be used with the HP Elite X3 phone. Which have a different mobile OS. But, since, it has USB-C ports, you can also use it with a Samsung phone. It's kinda cool that you can re-use this product with other phones.

This is just another way to enhance the usage of your phone. Since, you probably already have all your contacts, music, games, movies and even work on it. You can quickly open up the lap dock, connect your phone and you're in business.

I would prefer if Samsung, have their own lap dock. A simple way to dock your phone to recharge and use. But, so far, there isn't any news on it. I already bought myself a 13.3" portable monitor and it's really fun using Samsung Dex and playing around in Linux on Dex environment.

You can really use your phone as a mobile mini computer setup!

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. HP V8H07UT Elite X3 Lap Dock

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