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Google Pixel 3a as a Cheap Laptop or Desktop?

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Google now has a cheap handphone to sell. The pixel 3a. But, you know what, I've been thinking about how Google is missing out on the mobile computing market. If you guys been checking out my blog, you know for the past weeks, I've been playing with Samsung phone and Linux on Dex.

In fact, I'm on Linux on Dex environment right now. I'm using my S10+, linking up my dex pad to my portable monitor. My phone has become my laptop. With this setup, I don't have to be bound to my desktop anymore. I can work or play anywhere as long as there's internet access.

I can even remote access my pc if I want to. Why isn't Google taking advantage of these capabilities? It's good that they have the cheaper version pixel 3a. Not that powerful but imagine, if you can link it up to a monitor or a lapdock. I know, you can just mirror it to a monitor. But, I'll prefer if they have something like the Samsung Dex.

If you bought the pixel 3a for yourself or your kids, wouldn't it be cool if it can also be turned into a mobile computer? Now, you don't have to get a separate laptop or desktop to use. Just link it up to a monitor and voila. An all-in-one device mini computer right in your pocket!

What Samsung and Google need to do is design and make a lapdock. A way for people to dock, and use it as a laptop. At the same time charging their phone. Google has an edge because most people are using chrome. I used chrome for practically everything. I do research on products and for my blog articles. At any one time, I have several tabs open just to post this.

Most of us also communicate by using our phone. I use WhatsApp to connect to my family and also for work. Sometimes, I need to take pictures and send them to my workgroup. Even, while typing this, I can easily reply to messages. Granted, I can connect my WhatsApp and phone message to my computer too. But, definitely, you can't be mobile with a desktop computer. :p

Mobile computing can definitely be started in school. Nowadays, I see many children playing games on their mobile while on the way to school. It's becoming cheaper and accessible to everyone. So, why not let them use it as a computer. All they need are a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. All the files can be saved on their phone and can even become their homework at home.

I believe this can make them realized how useful and powerful their phone can be. They'll realize how valuable their phone is. Especially, if they have all their important work in it. This will also make their loads lighter. Instead, of having to lug around with a laptop or heavy books. Most pieces of information can easily be accessed on their phone. That's the power of mobile computing!

What you say?

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If you're an Android phone user, you can already buy lapdock from several kickstarters project. If not, you can buy Hp Elite x3, which was built specifically for their Elite X3 phone back then. I'm even more surprised by Samsung since there's actually a concept design by one of their engineers. If, I'm not wrong. Wondering, why they're not making it.

I for one will definitely want a lapdock for my Samsung phone. It'll be fun to play games on a bigger screen. Would be much easier to reply message using the keyboard and even have a bigger working space for multiple apps opening. Google and Samsung have deep pockets for this kind of project. Do it guys!

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. Google - Pixel 3a with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Just Black

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