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Samsung S10+ Dex Pad TeamViewer Pc remote access

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If you have been using TeamViewer to remote access your pc, with Samsung phone and Samsung dex, it'll be much easier to connect and work. Especially, better with a bigger screen view. For mobile computing, you can get a portable monitor. Or, you can also use your normal pc monitor too.

I find the dex pad to be very useful because you can quickly connect to any monitor and start working. It also charges your phone at the same time. But, if there aren't any PowerPoint near you, a USB type c to HDMI cable would be handy. So far, I find using Samsung Dex to be very convenient.

There are many android apps available that can make you productive. And, instead of having to bring along several devices that can add load to your bag, working with just your phone is like heaven-sent. Then again, working on a small screen isn't that conducive either. That's why Samsung dex could be the all-important link to working with just your phone.

Samsung Dex is a desktop-like environment when you link your Samsung phone to a monitor. You can also choose to work in a Linux environment with Linux on dex. It's a full Ubuntu Linux OS on your mobile phone. With several programming programs and office software available right out the bat. Remember, all this with just your phone!

The mobile phone is getting more powerful and it's high time to bring it to next level computing. You can now easily connect it to a monitor with a keyboard and mouse accessory. You can't do it decades ago. There are actually companies like Motorola and HP that tried with the ability to dock their phones on a lapdock. It probably fails because their phone isn't powerful enough back then and also way ahead of their time.

As a gamer though, I feel the game developers aren't taking advantage of the powerful phone. Until today, there aren't many great pc or console-level games available. Most of the games are cater to casual gamers. There are gems like the latest Rush Rally 3, ShadowGun (the original version) and RPG like Stardew Valley. Which have controller or mouse and keyboard support?

We need or want better games for android phones. Especially, when you now have Samsung Dex and Linux on dex. The ability to connect your phone to a bigger screen will definitely enhance the gaming experience. What's also great is that you can also game on the go. There is a time when you want to play your favorite mobile game with a mouse and keyboard. Better yet, with an Xbox controller!

Get into the Samsung Dex or Linux on dex experience with Samsung devices!

Samsung DeX Station Desktop 4K For - Note9,Note8,S9,S8,+ With Fast C TYPE Charger & Monster 1080p HDMI (US Retail Packing)

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Today workers, don't like to be tied to the office. They like to be able to work anywhere and anytime. If you're the type that needs to travel a lot, having an all-powerful device right at your hands is essential. You might have received an important message or attachments through your email. It would be easy to download on your phone and edit it with the help of your lapdock.

Since you're using a lapdock, it also actually helps to recharge your phone at the same time. While doing some work, a WhatsApp message came from your wife. You replied using your keyboard. She sends a picture of your kids playing. You open to watch it on the bigger screen. All the while using your phone data without having to tether to a laptop. Everything is done on your phone!

Frankly, that's what I've been doing all this while. All communications and work with just the phone. During lunch, I even link my phone to a monitor so that I and my work buddy could watch youtube movies. It's also fun to play a mobile game on a bigger screen. A mobile phone is definitely an important tool for work and play!

What you guys think!

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Happy mobile computing!

P.S. Samsung DeX Station Desktop 4K For - Note9,Note8,S9,S8,+ With Fast C TYPE Charger & Monster 1080p HDMI (US Retail Packing)

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