Tuesday, May 22, 2018

listening to metallica on my ds lite

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Hey guys,

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I finally, found out how to play music files on my nintendo ds lite. I've been searching around and discovered an article that talk about Moonshell app for the nds. Had a little problem at first, as I was a little confused on the installing procedure.

Also, I thought, there's something wrong with my ndstt card. Turn out, there's nothing wrong with it. I didn't have the necessary TTmenu files. Since, I wasn't sure, I tried on another microsd card just to be safe. It works after I setup the moonshell app again.

I'm still playing around with the app. On my youtube video, when I closed the lid, the music will automatically stop. I realized later that you can go to the setting and set up the speaker to continue playing. This way, you can close the lid and still listen to music on your headphone.

Now, I can use my ds lite to play games and also used it to listen to music like an mp3 player. Super cool!

Like I've said, I haven't fully test the app yet. I think, you can take voice notes, see pictures and even watch videos. I might be wrong. In any case, the ds lite is really a cool portable retro gaming gadget. I really like the small form factor compared to other available device right now.

I've been playing around with my ds lite for couple of days now and the battery still looking strong. Admittedly, I don't play games on it for hours on end. Only occasionally, and especially at night before I sleep. I'll probably now use it to listen to music before I sleep too.

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Get an micro sd card adapter via the link below:

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Currently, I'm using a 32gb micro sd card. More than enough for games, music and videos!

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If you're into retro gaming, especially like nds games, nintendo ds lite are pretty cheap with long lasting batteries for gaming and even listening to music like an mp3 player.

Great as gift to your kids, friends or family members!

Get yours today!

Happy gaming!

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