Saturday, May 05, 2018

Bob's Burgers and Toys Collectibles By Kidrobot

Bobs Burgers Toys & Collectibles

Hey guys,

Are you a fan of Bob's Burgers?

Check out this new promotion:

New Bob's Burgers Mini Figures & Art Figures by Kidrobot

Launched today on

Kidrobot is proud to present Bobs Burgers fans with a new Bobs Burgers Equestranaut Bobcephala Bob Art Figure and an all-new collectible Bob's Burgers Grand Re-Opening 3" Blind Box Mini Figure Series to follow up the wildly popular first Bob's Burgers Blind Box Mini Figure Series.

This new mini figure series travels deeper into the world of Bobs Burgers with the character selection only fans can appreciate! The Belchers are back baby! Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise are coming at you in all new ways and ready to play all day on Wonder Wharf with a few of their favorite friends!

Complete your collections via the link below:

Kidrobot Bobs Burgers Beefsquatch 7" Medium Figure

Kidrobot Bobs Burgers Bad Tina Belcher 7" Medium Figure

Kidrobot Bobs Burgers Blind Box Keychain Series

Bobs Burgers 3" Blind Box Mini Series - Kidrobot

SDCC 2017 Blonde Linda or Underpants Gene 3" Bobs Burgers Mini Figures - Kidrobot

Bob's Burgers Enamel Pin Blind Box Series - Kidrobot

It's time to show some love and get the latest Bob's burgers collectibles right now!

Check out all the latest available toys at kidrobot!

Happy collecting!

P.S. New Bob's Burgers Mini Figures & Art Figures by Kidrobot


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