Monday, May 21, 2018

nintendo ds lite guitar hero grips on tour re-unboxing and gameplay

Nintendo DS Lite Guitar Hero: On Tour Bundle - Black/Silver

Hey guys,

Check it out!

The other day, I posted about my luck in discovering a haul of nintendo ds and ds lite with games. An aunty, called me and my friend to help throw out some stuff and among them was a small box with nintendo stuff in it. I quickly told my friend that I wanted it.

I couldn't believe my luck!

It was still working fine and since then, I've downloaded load of games for it. Today, I suddenly remembered that my bro-in-law once gave me the guitar hero, on tour bundled set with the game and grip. I had kept it inside my cupboard all this while.

I decided to do an unboxing video and also try out if the game and grip still work. I've never actually played guitar hero before. And, you can see from the video that I pretty much suckz at playing it. But, it was fun nonetheless.

I know the nintendo ds lite been out since 2006. It's now, 2018. But, I have always like retro gaming and to finally got a chance to have a ds lite practically fall on my lap. Pretty much heaven send. It's still a good portable gaming console and there are still games that I haven't try out.

Check out the Guitar Hero, On Tour bundle via the link below:

Nintendo DS Lite Guitar Hero: On Tour Bundle - Black/Silver

They are pretty cheap nowadays so check 'em out!

Well, guess I better get back to practising my guitar hero chop.

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Happy gaming!

P.S. Nintendo DS Lite Guitar Hero: On Tour Bundle - Black/Silver

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