Friday, January 12, 2018


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Hey guys,

Check it out!

Finally, created my first game. Micro:bit breaker!

Okay, might not mean much to you. But, it is to me. I've been trying to learn to create my own game for a long time. I'm not a pro coder. In fact, I was actually trying to create the space invaders and it didn't work out.

So, I tried dabbling again with the javascript blocks editor to create a version of brick breaker. Voila!

It's not perfect though. It plays kind of weird. The good thing is, I can keep working on it and learn along the way. While making the bit breaker, I realized a few things that I can do for my bit racing game. I'll be dabbling more on that later on.

Visit if you're interested to learn how to make game for your micro bit!

You can use javascript blocks editor or micro python. Javascript blocks editor are easier. As, it's like playing with jigsaw puzzle. It also include a micro:bit simulator. You can test out whatever project you've created before downloading and send the .hex file to your micro:bit.

If you're interested to check out or download my micro:bit breaker game then follow the link below.

Click here to check out my micro:bit breaker game!

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My next game might be the micro:bit racing. Learned, a few things while making the bit breaker. Subscribe to my blog or channel for latest blog post updates!

Micro:bit is so much fun!

I'll be getting my beaglebone blue today. So, stay tuned for my beaglebone blue blog post and video demos!

Happy gaming!

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