Friday, July 08, 2005

What's the problem with you people!?

I was surfing through "Blogexchange" and the talks about same sex marrieage emerge. It rile me up. Don't you people have brain!?

What if the whole world is gay then what? You wanna f**k each other assholes out!?

What's worse is this kind of stupidity have real world consequences. People are dying of AIDS, people are dying of sex related desease. Then what about social desease? What happen to a 'real family value'? What happen to the moral values? All for the sake of some sick gay appetite?

You know, as time goes by, I'm beginning to see wierd stuff happening in this world. I'm beginning to see 'wierd' desease that seems to come out of the blue. I mean, what's wrong with you people!? Teenager are having casual sex, having children out of wedlock and then they want to abort it. They want part of the action but they don't want to be responsible.

Parents don't care about their children, government that only think of themselves, to hold on to power. Isn't there any honest man out there in this world anymore? Isn't there any sanity left in this world?

What's wrong with you people!?

What's democrasy if it destroy the value of life?

What's democrasy if moral values take a backseat?

What's democrasy if there's no more honesty left?

What's democrasy if the rule support teenage sex?

What's democrasy if abortion is allowed when moral sense isn't the justification?

What's democrasy if 100,000 people are killed just because of one man!?

What's wrong! What's wrong! What's wrong with you people!

Have you ever 'open your eyes'? See the truth that's happening right now around you? Have you eyes to see and separate the facts from lies?

Alas, the world right now is going topsy survy. The truth become lies and the lies become truth.

Really, each individual answer for his sins. For his own actions. Don't expect anyone to die for you, to answer for you, to save your soul. You're the only one responsible for your own self. Don't blame others, don't accuse others. Look into yourself and ask yourself. What have I done! What have I done!

Really, what have you done...

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