Sunday, July 10, 2005

Qiblaa Online

Qiblaa Online : Portal for the Online Muslim Community. If you're interested to know more about the 'real' Islam then I personally recommend you to visit a friend's site. You can even participate in the online forum. To post questions or doubts.

Islam and muslims community are in the limelight for all the wrong reason. Truth be told, if it were in the old days. All these 'terrorist' will be taken care of with our own syariah law. Killing is killing and to kill others without due reason is against our law. Our judgement is fair to everyone even to a non-muslim. If they seek justice, justice will be served. There's no doubt about it.

Even muslims are afraid of the syariah law to be implemented because, it seems crude. But, in the end it works. We won't put criminal in Guantanamo bay. We execute them, IF they are proven guilty. If not, they are released. We are fair to everyone. If a non-muslim seek justice and compensation we will look into the matter carefully and give a fair trial. If they deserved compensation they will have it. If they have no reason or proof of any wrong-doings, they will be freed. Our law is GOD's law and GOD's law is final. Our law is tough, but fair. Human, don't realize this but they have always been against GOD. Even if truth is slap accross their face. Such is human weakness.

For more other issues that you might have, the website recommended might have the asnwer. Hope to see you there.

Click here to visit.

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Note (Personal View on Terrorism): The terrorist don't care if they die, or if they don't win the war. It's also not because they want to die and go to heaven. Hell, I'm myself am not sure any suicide bomber can be considered as a martyr. Your government keep saying that the terrorist will never achieve in making you change your way of life. But, that's not the point the terrorist is trying to make. They have bigger agenda, then changing your puny way of life. Think about it. Everytime I see the news and the government spout nonsense this and that. It's all rubbish and political agenda. They don't have any freaking clue why all this is happening. They never care to think. The war against terror is not againts individual idealogy. It's more then that.

This whole deal has been happening for sooOOooo long. It will still continue as long as you people don't get it. As long as your government don't get it. It will go on and on. It will escalate. For now, it's just a bomb here and there. Soon, it might be getting worse. As long as you don't get it. Weeks change to months. Months change to years. President will change, but the policy never change. Think about it. Tell your government to think about it.

You never ask, you never listen, you will never know. It will never end!

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