Thursday, July 14, 2005

My last day in RT!

Hurray! Today is my last day of RT!

After two months of Phase 1 & 2 doing RT (re-trainning) exercise regime, finally, I'll have my own freedom back. I can freaking do anything I like!

Of course, next year I'll have to go through all of it again. But, going through this trainning, I realized how 'weak' I am. I can't run a full round around the track without stopping. I can't do any chin up anymore. Right now, I can't even do 3! The problem is I used to do 20 chin up without any problem and now I can't even do 3! Well, I expect to at least do 5-6. Now, I know.

The first day of RT, we had to check our weight. Mine was 64kg I think. I wonder, if it had gone down. Don't think they will weigh us again. My guess is I might have down a couple of pound. Hey, if you had been running 3 time per week, I'm sure I'll lose some weights somewhere. Although, when I look at my tummy right now, errr.. looks the same as I had it before the trainning.

Now, that, there'll be no more exercise trainning that I had to go through. I was thinking of running at least twice a week on my own. That is, if I'm not lazy. I'm also thinking of starting to do push-up and sit-up etc in the morning when I wake up. I want to make it like a way of life. Because, if you're only doing it without aiming for something or if it is a struggle to do it then sooner or later you'll give up or just stop doing it. If I make it a "way of life" it will be much easier on my brain. Haha!

Anyway, I'm just glad, now I can concentrate on doing my own 'thang' you know. And that is making money money money!

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That's it for today!

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