Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wanna live in singapore?

I've been thinking. You know, compare to what's happening in countries around the world, singapore is so far the most beautiful, warm, quiet and peaceful country. Of course, that's my opinion. But, to tell you the truth, I once thought of emigrating to another country. Thinking back, it make me feel stupid. I mean, why the hell would I do that?

Here's some reason, why I love my country.

1) My country is not at war with another country.
2) My country don't have volcanoes ready to erupts etc. Although, our neighbouring countries nearby have it.
3) My country don't have earthquakes, tsunamis like japan.
4) My country political stability. Yeah, it's kind of boring politics but hey, no riots, no stupid march, no idiots trying to take over the country blah blah.
5) My country have beaches, and seas so calm and quiet that if you're a surfer don't bother coming here. But, if you want a nice tan? Come here!
6) My country have basically nice, warm people. I know, everywhere there are assholes but as I said basically all of us are pretty nice. Like me!
7) My country is near malaysia. That mean you can just cross the custom and find adventures over there. Cheap stuff, interesting cultures or just enjoy a great holiday getaway!
8) My country have superb transport system that even if you don't have a car, you can practically reach every part of the country at least within 1hr.
9) My country is multi racials. That also mean we have different cultures and also a lot of good varieties of food. Our favourite pass time is eat eat eat!
10) My country favourite pass time is also shops until you drops!

There's so much more but I guess, you can come over and find out for yourself right?

Anyway, the best part is my birthday and my country independance day/birthday is the same freaking date!

Yup, on every 9th Aug both my country and me celebrate at the same day. I don't celebrate my birthday but my country do and I always imagine the people with all their flags, celebrations, parties are all put up for me. So, why bother celebrating mine right? It ain't no big deal.

Oops.. I think they're going to show "Friends" on tv right now. Got to go!


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