Friday, July 01, 2005

A Final Tribute to Corey

Dear fellow bloggers,
A colleague of mine, Corey Rudl, recently passed away, and I was
hoping you might help me honor his memory...In exchange for your
support, you will get a FREE copy of Corey's "Ultimate Seminar
Videos"(a set of 3 DVDs).You may have already heard the news
about Corey Rudl -- it'sbeen in the news, in the papers, on TV...
and, of course, all over the Internet.
Corey tragically passed away on June 2nd in a car-racing accident
in California. (His close friend and colleague,Derek Gehl, has put
up a memorial page on Corey's web site at
where you can read more details.)
Anyway -- Corey was pretty much the KING of Internet marketing. 
He'd generated over $40 Million in online sales... His websites
get over 1.8 Million visitors per month... He was aworld-class
speaker... I could go on and on. But I think what makes Corey
really unique is that he helped literally THOUSANDS of people
change their lives forever by starting profitable Internet
businesses of their very own...... including me. I considered
Corey to be one of my mentors. So I have really felt this loss
on a personal level -- as have so many others. (To give you some
idea, Corey's staff received over 16,000 e-mails and over
1,000 phone calls of support and condolence in the week following
his passing. And you should SEE all the memorial web sites that
have been put up in his memory!) That's why, when I heard the news
I'm about to share with you, I was really pleased, and knew I
wanted to spread the wordright away...You see, Derek Gehl,
Corey's close friend and right-hand man(and now CEO of Corey's
company) has been spending a lot of time thinking about how to
best celebrate Corey's life and work before he starts moving the
company forward again.
And here's what he's come up with...Until Saturday, July 15th at
, he's going to donate $50.00 from every purchase of
Corey's #1 best-selling Internet marketing course, just updated and
released in May for 2005, to a special charity that helps young
people from low-incomefamilies improve their business, academic, and
life skills (The National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship--
And as "thanks" for contributing, he's not only going to give
everyone the entire $1,213.00 worth of FREE bonus
gifts that Corey originally promised with this new course, he's
ALSO going to throw in a FREE copy of Corey's
"Ultimate Seminar Videos" with every purchase (a $97 value, but
yours atabsolutely no cost). I *really* want to encourage you to
take part in this specialtribute...Not only will the course help
you dramatically increase your Internet income (or finally START
that Internet businessyou keep talking about) -- using the SAME
strategies Corey personally used to make over $40 Million in
onlinesales......You'll also help raise money for a special
charity thatI know Corey would have been really excited about.
Plus, I really want you to have the "Ultimate Seminar Videos.
"They're one of the first things you've to get from Corey --
and they'll totally opened your eyes to the possibilities for your
online business -- and my life. So if you'd like a
"Tribute Edition" of Corey's "InsiderSecrets -- Version 2005,"
please visit:

And remember, you'll get a FREE copy of Corey's"Ultimate Seminar
Videos," and Derek will donate $50.00 ofthe purchase price to the
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. I hope you enjoy
the course and free DVDs... And thanks --this would mean a lot to
Corey. I had a lot of respect for the guy.
Mohammad Fauzi Taib
P.S. As part of this special tribute, Derek has left this
web page almost EXACTLY as Corey wrote it in May, just beforehe
passed away... He's just added a bit of text about thecharity
you'll be helping and the free DVDs you'll begetting as "thanks"
for your support.Check it out at:

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