Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya 'Eid Fitri!


A couple hours more and it will be the end of Ramadan. I will have completed my month long fasting for the year. Then, Muslims all over the world will celebrate 'Eid Fitri tonight and tomorrow..

Wow! I manage to fast (no eating and drinking) from dawn to dusk without fail and I'm really satisfied that I manage to complete it without much trouble. I can't say that it's much tougher then the Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and even Palestine. I can't even imagine how much they're going through right now with the war and all that sufferings. I should be grateful.

I should be thankful that as a Muslim in Singapore we can fast without much trouble. In fact the last two years had been quite easy for me. A couple of years before that, I always had to go back for my in-camp training. I was a soldier in the SAF (Singapore Armed Forces). Now that I had ROD (Run-out-of-date) or finish my tour of duty, I'm free from their shackled!

I can freaking do whatever I like!

Anyway, just would like to wish Muslims all over the world a Happy 'Eid Fitri Mubarak!

Be safe always ..peace to all!

P.S. Visit the link below for info about Ramadan on Wikipedia >