Re-building my house

NO, I don't mean building a house literally. But, reformatting and rebuilding my system up again. With all the patches online. It's going to take me a couple of weeks to set-up everything back to where it was. Albeit, with some changes.

As, I've posted before, my pc have been infested with malware virus that I can't seem to get rid of. I tried scanning, downloading all the anti-virus software out there but it just won't f***ing disappear!

Finally, I've decided to reformat my whole drive today. Before, anything happen I had already back up my music and some important files. But, I know some of it I can download again online. The thing is, it also mean that some of the program I am using currently is gone!

For example, my browser bookmarks has all gone and although I had actually bookmark it safe at it's still kind of troublesome and I'm trying to find out how I can transfer it back to my browser bookmark. But, I guess at least all my bookmark can be access again online. Just goes to show how important is to me.

After reformatting my drive the first thing I did was to go to and find a couple of free antivirus, malware and firewall to keep my pc secure again.

I decided to try other company beside the one I had used before since, they didn't protect me in the first place. If you're interested you can check out some of the software I found and am using below.

Here's some of the site or software I'm currently using >>
Note: Links will bring you directly to the download page. Product info
can be read on the page. All you have to do is click the "download" link!

Firewall :
Comodo Firewall Pro

Antivirus Software:
ThreatFire Free Edition

Antivirus Software:
Avast Home Edition

These are what I'm currently using right now. And best of all it's Free. Of course, if you want better protection you can opt to upgrade to a paid version.

By the way you can go to and search for more software. There are Free and also paid version. I highly recommend you to visit it. Rather then wasting your time searching the whole of the Internet.

Another, crap that I had to put up with is that now, I have to re-install iTune and apparently, I have to download and sync everything all over again especially my favorite video podcast. But, iTune didn't recognize my pc and it actually ask me if I wanted to erase my ipod as in reformatting my ipod all over again!

Yeah, right. Would I want to erase almost 30gb of music and movies on my ipod !!!??

Why can't they just act and sync with the freaking ipod without asking me stupid question!

Only with Apple product would you have to put up with all this security thingy that's actually making it hard for the mere mortal. I have always thought that Apple product are only for the exclusive. I actually advice my friend and warning him before he decided to buy an ipod to beware that what he has to go through just to put music inside his ipod if he decide to buy it.

My advice to him is to get other type of Mp3 players that's not too cumbersome to transfer music like the ipod is.

Argg.. my life seems to be in chaos because of this virus. So, finally I hope that I can now start surfing and doing my work online again without anymore trouble.

Got to get back to where it was before!

I guess that's all for my ranting today. It's already almost 12 am midnight and I'm going to take a good nice sleep before starting my online work again starting tomorrow morning!

Take care and have a great Sunday!

Oh, yeah by the way. Another week and it's going to be 'Eidul Fitri!

So Happy Eid to all muslims all over the world. May peace be upon you!

Life is a jihad itself..

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