Syrians Torch Embassies over Caricatures

Freedom of expressions doesn't give you the right to draw a 'blasphemous' pictures of religious figures. Freedom of expressions doesn't mean you could get away with writing rubbish and spout it out as Freedom of expressions. Unless, you don't have a simple common sense inside your every being this is what will happen.

I mean what were the Danish newspaper thinking? Don't they remember Salman Rushdie? If you don't know anything about others religion, you can always consult the scholar about it. Unless, of course the main aim was to instigate protest and in this case violences protest which will always happens when you try to insult someone religion!

Sheesh, some people just doesn't have the brain!

Read up this article below for more info on what's happening in Syria:

Remember if you don't have brain? Use your kidney to think! Get it? You never will...

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