Another Crazy, crappy Monday!

Well, I check on Mon 13th Feb I had a bad Monday. Today, Mon 27th Feb, I had another crappy Monday!

Actually, now I realized that in a week you should expect at least a day of crazyness. So, in a month you should expect a couple of crappy days. Well, you can just be happy that it aint a crappy day everyday!

Some days, you will feel great and fantastic and in other days you'll feel like you're at the lowest point of your life!

Why it is so, I don't know. But, just remember, if there's a crappy day, there's always a good day waiting. So, be happy whenever you can. And when the bad day come, just remember a good day is just around the corner. That's what I kept telling myself.

Since, I already had my bad day which is ironic cause, I look at the morning sky today and I was telling my friend what a nice weather it was. I was hoping for the best and it turn out that it wasn't!

Just goes to show that you never know what's coming just around the corner!

Well, I hope, okay I pray that's the rest of the week will be great for me!

I hope yours will too.

Chiows for now!


P.S. A smile will never hurt you.. or will it?

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