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Samsung S10+ Dex Pad Outbreak Dead Crisis Zombies Shooter gameplay

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So, Daryl from Triple Fry Games emailed me about their flagship game, Outbreak: Dead Crisis. It's a zombie shooter game. Yeah, I know, not another zombie to shoot at. But, what about a horde of zombies coming your way, fast!?

I actually panic and keep forgetting to click the 'dash' button. The dash button will help you dash to another place. Away from the horde. You do have weapons to shoot. But, it's better to get away when there's too many of them gnawing at you.

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It's a mobile game, but I wanted to try it out on my Samsung dex pad. I set it up with my portable monitor, Apple mouse, and keyboard. And, I didn't even have to go to settings. Although, the only key that works is the 's'. For shooting. You can use the mouse for aiming.

I want to ask Daryl if, the game can be played with an Xbox one s controller. Also, will there be an option to personalize the keyboard setting? For one thing, I can't automatically move around when my mouse is at the end of the screen. I keep dying, because, I can't turn around.

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If we can choose our own keys setting for the games will be much better to play. I wish I can set the key, 'd' for dash or tab to change weapons. It's not a free-roaming game, so the usual WASD keys don't apply. It is a mobile game, created with touch control in mind.

I have only played the game for a while and I'll check it out again later. Here's more info on the game and Triple Fry games:

Outbreak: Dead Crisis is basically a zombie shooter, its core concept and selling point is that it’s an arcade swarm shooter that is in the palm of your hands. It has realistic graphics and has been refined the arcade experience of moving on rails for mobile.

There are many weapons to use as you embark on an apocalyptic storyline that will see the player as a mercenary operative of APEX, a military tech organization that pledges to wipe out the zombies that have overrun our earth.

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Play the game on a portable monitor!

Outbreak: Dead Crisis is already in Open Beta on the Google Play Store. Here is the link.

Our trailer

Our website

Check out their main website!

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Happy gaming!

P.S. Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB+8GB RAM SM-G973F/DS Dual Sim 6.1" LTE Factory Unlocked Smartphone (International Model No Warranty) (Prism White)

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