Sunday, June 30, 2019

apple mouse quick test on my iPad pro 10.5

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Hey guys,

Check it out!

Finally! You can now use your Apple mouse with your iPad pro!

I've been waiting for this feature to like forever. Why Apple is so stubborn I don't know. Yes, using your fingers are very nifty and quick to navigate through the apps, working or even gaming. But, if you have set up your iPad like a computer. You'll be missing that mouse usability.

There's been a countless time when I instinctively reach out to grab a mouse while using the iPad. Only to realized it isn't there. Because you can't use it with an iPad. Don't be too happy though. It's still not the same as using a mouse with your windows computer.

For one thing, you can't scroll. You can't scroll through a webpage. You can't scroll through your apps. Although, I might be wrong. As I haven't really look through the features setting yet. I'm not even sure if you can use a mouse to play games on the iPad.

Also, you can't just go to your iPad settings and pair your Bluetooth mouse like any other devices. You'll have to go to Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch > On the AssistiveTouch > Pointing Devices > Bluetooth Devices to add your mouse.

If you're pairing your Apple mouse, you'll need to enter the pin "0000". It'll then show up in your main Bluetooth section and showed as connect. It took me a while to make it work. I had to search the net to find out the correct pin as I thought I just need to key in my usual own pin number.

Once connected, you're done. You can start using your mouse as if you're using it on a windows computer. Like I said, it's not really the same. But, for now, it'll do. The fact, you can use a mouse with an iPad, is an achievement itself. Lol!

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Do I feel complete using a mouse with the iPad? This is a good start. A few months ago, I gave feedback to Apple about why I can't use an apple mouse with an Apple iPad? I love using the Apple mouse and to not being able to use it with an iPad is kinda weird and stupid. It's their own products for God sake!

I'll be doing more testing with this 'new' mouse feature. Might try it out with some games. Who knows, we can now play RPG or even fps shooter game with the damn mouse. That doesn't mean, people will stop using touch. It's just convenience during the time when you're using it as a laptop or pc.

Note: If you didn't know it, you'll need to signup as a beta user here. To be able to download the beta iPad OS at your own risk!

What you think?

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Happy computing!

P.S. Apple Wireless Magic Keyboard 2 -MLA22LL/A with Apple Magic Bluetooth Mouse 2 -MLA02LL/A (Renewed)

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