Sunday, February 24, 2019

YO-KAI WATCH 3 - Nintendo 3DS

YO-KAI WATCH 3 - Nintendo 3DS

Hey guys,

Check it out!

Yo-Kai Watch 3 are out now for the Nintendo 3ds!

Although, I wish, there will be a yo-kai watch game for the nintendo switch. I'm surprised, why they don't just jump to the switch. Of course, playing the game on the switch would have been a different experience.

You need to use the pen, to play the game on the 3ds. So, I would have thought, they'll think of a way for us to use the controller for the switch. I hope, they're not doing it like, the world ends with you final remix. Where you use one controller like a mouse or a pointer.

Frankly, I haven't touch my new nintendo 3ds xl for awhile. But, I always bring along my ds lite wherever I go. I have over 300+ games on a microsd card. It's smaller and easier to bring while travelling. I hacked it so, I can also listen to my music like an mp3 player. Pretty nifty.

I prefer playing games on my gaming device rather then on my phone. For obvious reason, I don't want to be caught with a dead phone. Anyway, I don't play the new games which usually need an internet connection or having to keep paying to play. I'm more into retro or single player games.

The nintendo switch are great for gaming. You can also watch youtube. Too bad, you can't load your music or movies on it. Having a spotify app will be great but, you'll need constant connection. Hence, downloading your files to a microsd card are more practical. Unless, nintendo intend to build one where you can use data connection.

There are rumours about a mini nintendo switch. Or, a pro nintendo switch. If you can play your older 3ds game cartridge on a mini switch, that would actually be interesting. Don't think playing your older yo-kai watch games are practical though, where two screens are used.

Anyway, get yo-kai watch 3 via the link below:

YO-KAI WATCH 3 - Nintendo 3DS

  • Meet Hailey Anne and Usapyon as they solve cases as Yo-kai detectives in Springdale
  • Explore the American-inspired location, BBQ, where ’Merican Yo-kai run rampant
  • Battle all-new bosses, meet over 600 Yo-kai, and use a new 3x3 grid battle system to strategically dish out attacks
  • In BBQ, go on a rafting adventure, try out a new Crank-a-kai, and interact with new ‘Merican Yo-kai
  • Train up your very own Nyan, a cat like Yo-kai, in Build-a-Nyan
  • Bonk zombies on the head, in an all-new mode, Zombie Night—it’s an invasion!
  • Link with versions of YO-KAI WATCH 2 and YO-KAI WATCH BLASTERS to earn special Yo-kai
  • Discover treasure as part of the Yo-kai Blasters T group and make your way through randomly generated dungeons

New adventures with Yo-Kai Watch 3!

Complete your collection of Yo-Kai Watch games!

Play it on your 3ds or 2ds!

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Happy gaming!

P.S. YO-KAI WATCH 3 - Nintendo 3DS

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