Friday, February 22, 2019

Nintendo Switch ANODYNE indie rpg first gameplay

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

Hey guys,

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Developer's Twitter:

I've got a chance to try out the game, Anodyne for the nintendo switch today and it's super cool. I love rpg game and especially for the switch. I like indie games because the size are not so big and you can download to your microsd card. Of course, it's also cheaper!

I played the game using my third party controller, and the game are pretty relaxing. I've got to admit this is the first time, I'm playing the game and if you've played rpg game, you've play them all. The graphics are old school pixel, which I actually like. Something, about it is nostalgic. I guess?

The game doesn't use the whole screen of the switch. Which shows, this game is just basically, a straight port. Unless, it's a new game specifically for the switch. I assumed, most developers doesn't want to redo the whole game.

In spite of that, the game runs smooth and it's not really a distraction. I've read that playing it on mobile devices without a real controller is a pain in the ...That's why I don't really play mobile games anymore. Especially, when you need the internet to play!?

For now, I've only played a bit of the game and I'm already interested to check out the rest of the adventure. The game will be out on the 28th of Feb, but, you can pre-purchased it right now on eShop. Get the game and play it anywhere and any time!

The nintendo switch are the best portable gaming device with controller included!

Get it via the link below:

Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

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The games collection for the switch are getting bigger so, you'll need bigger storage space. Especially, for triple AAA games. When deals are going on, you'll regret you don't have the extra space to download it.

The nintendo switch are a great portable gaming device and most games doesn't need you to be connected to the internet. Which is a plus, if you're travelling and can't always get wifi connection. It is supposed to be a portable gaming device, after all.

I wish to thanks the game developer and their promoter for sponsoring the game for me to check out. You can also check out Anodyne 2 on steam. Their latest project, coming out soon. The game, look dope. I'm hoping that the game will come to the switch too!


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Happy gaming!

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