Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Nintendo Switch ANIMUS cheap indie rpg gameplay

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition - Switch

Hey guys,

I've been checking out a couple of indie games, especially that are cheap or on deals at Nintendo eShop online. Been wondering, what's the game, Animus, all about. I think, it's also available for the mobile phone. Probably, why it's cheap.

I thought, it would be some crappy game, with crappy graphics. To my surprise, it's pretty cool. It's just like any other hack and slash, adventure rpg game. It's not open world, but if you're not the type that like to roam around looking for special artifacts or whatever, this game is for you.

As usual, you can upgrade your gears once you're able to. There are many weapons and power to choose from. The monsters are varied and the boss are pretty tough to beat. I actually died a couple of time even before reaching the big boss fight.

I haven't really look into upgrading my gears. I keep forgetting, that I have power and health drinks that I can use during the fight. For me, it's a nice quick game to play on the go. Have I told you that it's cheap at $7?

The number of games are slowly growing for the nintendo switch. Even then, there are already a lot of great games you can play right now. The nintendo switch are definitely a great portable gaming system that you can also dock and play on the big screen Tv!

Get the Nintendo Switch via the link below:

Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Edition - Switch

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Nintendo Switch - Joy-Con (L/R)-Neon Green/Neon Pink Splatoon 2 (Japan Import)

There are many accessories available for the nintendo switch. Who would have thought that the switch will be so popular. Remember, when even the pokemon ceo didn't think the switch would actually take off like it did now!

I would have to admit, I didn't think much of the nintendo switch when it first came out. Although, I've been keeping an eye on the games that were coming to it. My nephew were also pushing me to get one. He wanted to play Fifa 19 on it. Finally, caved in and got one for myself.

Skyrim, was part of the reason why I wanted to get the switch. When, nintendo emailed their customers for feedback, of course, I told them I wanted retro and triple AAA games. I also left comments on Zen studio Facebook to bring the FX3 to the switch and they did!

Nintendo, also opened their eShop to indie games. Now, they need to allow app developers to create app for the switch. Thank God, youtube app are now available. Now, you can watch youtube on Tv, while docked or anywhere that wifi are available.

There are definitely a lot of room to improve and grow. People, been talking about a new mini switch or a pro switch in 2019. I hope, nintendo don't bastardized their switch market. A switch, with longer battery hours and heat control. Why not switch with data sim card?

There are a lot of possibilities for the new nintendo switch. Let's see what they'll come out with!

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Don't forget to watch the video gameplay!

Happy gaming!

P.S. Nintendo Switch – Neon Red and Neon Blue Joy-Con

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