Sunday, January 13, 2019


Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

Hey guys,

PS VITA, might be a couple years old but the tech are pretty update. Even, in 2019, it could hold a candle to the mighty nintendo switch. It's only problem are, Sony. If sony had put their faith on the ps vita just like what nintendo are doing right now for the switch, it'll be as popular.

All they need are current high profile games for the vita. For one thing, bring back all those social media and especially youtube. I haven't played with my vita for awhile and was surprised that I couldn't access youtube on it. Turn out, Sony pulled the plug on their apps. What gives!?

As in with other mobile platform, I'm wondering where all those popular pc games developers. How about left4dead, being able to be played on the ps vita, nintendo switch, ipad pro and android tablet. Wouldn't it be fun to play it on the go?

I also like the idea of those minis indie games on the ps vita. I bought a few to test it out and it was pretty fun. It was actually better playing with the controller then on the mobile phone. I think, it would be a great idea to have all those mobile phone developers to create games for the ps vita.

Latest games like fortnite, pubg, moba, learning guitar apps or whatever available on the mobile devices. Diablo are already on the switch, why not on the vita. Now, that would really be interesting. Playing all these games wouldn't be a problem with vita controller.

Sony, should come back with an updated version of the vita and invite mobile game developers to create games for it. More apps can also be created. The PS VITA, are almost basically the size of my Razer phone, with the two speaker included.

Sony doesn't even have to tweak much on the vita design. Bigger inner memory storage or being able to use latest micro sd card. This way, people can download and install more games. The old ways of running the gaming business company are gone. Get to it Sony!

HellOOoo sony, you listening?

Get the PS VITA via the link below:

Sony PlayStation Vita WiFi

FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster - PlayStation Vita

Just by watching this video gameplay and you'll realized how good the ps vita is for gaming. It's small and light but powerful enough to run HD games like final fantasy x. But, we need more racing and shooter games.

For now, if you haven't check out the ps vita or had sold yours, you might want to get one before it's all gone. Everyone, wondering when Sony, if ever, gonna pull the plug on the vita. They already pull the plug on the social media apps.

I've heard, only the indie games are holding the fort right now for the ps vita fans. Let's just wait and see or fans might want to write in to Sony and force them to do something about it. If everyone chip in, we might have a chance!

What you think!?

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Happy gaming!

P.S. FINAL FANTASY X|X-2 HD Remaster - PlayStation Vita

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