Saturday, January 12, 2019

PS VITA cheap minis gameplay

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Hey guys,

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I sold my Alienware m14x for some cash and PS VITA trade. The guy told me, he got for his wife the PS VITA but apparently, she also bought one for him. That's why he wanted to sell off his. Anyway, I always thought of getting one but didn't get around to it.

I think, it's been 2-3 years I've had this, but didn't really get into playing. For one thing, the games are very expensive. Of course, it's because the game are console level quality. Like Killzone Mercenary and Uncharted.

Last Friday, I decided to poke around again at the Playstation store to find some cheap games, I could buy and download. For now, I can't seem to find anything that I like accept these few games. Check out my video gameplay!

If you're wondering, why I didn't hack my vita, it's because I've updated the system. And, I kind of don't like to hack my new premium product. Unless, I found an old vita I can dabble around with. The other day, I got myself a used ds lite and practically have 300 games on it.

Get the PS VITA if you're interested to get one via the link below:

PlayStation Vita - Wifi

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Vault Case for PlayStation Vita and Vita Slim (Officially Licensed by Sony)

32GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card (Certified Refurbished)

The PS VITA is a good gaming system. It's almost the same as the Nintendo Switch, only much smaller. In spite of it's smaller size, it doesn't feel cramp while gaming on it. I remembered, how it's touted as an advance portable gaming system back then.

I think, everyone very much surprised why it doesn't take off like the Nintendo switch. Some people say, it's because they don't have many good games and also don't have many top exclusives for the vita. What's worse is that Sony have stop supporting it.

I distinctly remembered being able to watch youtube and checking out Facebook while on the vita. But, now it's gone. What gives!?

Those people that made these decision, should be fired!

What you think?

One thing for sure, there are still gamers out there reminiscing of the good old ps vita days. And, it's still going strong even in 2019!

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Happy gaming!

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