Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - Fantasy life explore Reveria with my horse.

Hey guys,

Just a short video of me or rather my virtual me riding a horse to explore Reveria. It's kinda fun and actually, i had to rent the horse for 50 dosh i think. Fantasy Life is a great game and it's fun to play on the new nintendo 3ds xl.

So far, been around 2 weeks plus and I'm happy with my new nintendo 3ds xl. There's a few game on the nintendo eShop which i would like to check out but, I still can't find a way to purchased anything online because of the restrictive region base that nintendo adopt.

The new nintendo 3ds xl is great but if I can't buy some of the games I wanted online then, that's gonna be a big problem for me. Like i said, I prefer Apple and Google play apps store because of the vast software and games you can download without any restrictive region lock.

I heard that Nintendo, going to create or rather convert their games to mobile platform in the near future. I'm not sure if that even good news. Around 50 million people already have a 3ds and happy playing on that platform and instead of making it even better or at least dump the restrictive region lock they're jumping ship.

Open up your system, dump that stupid region lock and you'll see more people buying the 3ds system for better playing experience. Duhhh!

In any case, hope you enjoy the little video above.

Happy gaming!