Life a gift, take care of it ..

So, my bro-in-law brother was hospitalized and had to be operated on yesterday. I was told, that he had a hole in his heart. Frankly, it doesn't surprise me. Their whole family are hardcore smokers. If, they all sit in one room, you'll be huffing and puffing for fresh air!

The thing is, their father died because of the same heart complications. What, I'm getting at is that, this guy is only around 33 years of age and he's already had to go through this operation. What's worse is that he doesn't even work!

I'm just wondering hard, how's he's going to pay for all his medical bills. He, definitely don't have any money, that I'm pretty sure. I'm sure, he'll have to use his mom medisave account. *roll eyes*.

I decided to post about it here as I hope this could be a lesson to us all. We all heard it before, it's better to take care of yourself, to work and save your money for this kind of emergency. It's important to work hard when you are young and healthy. To remember, good health is really a blessing and we should be thankful. Don't waste the chance you're given in life.

It's easy to say, "no, I'll do it later". I'll stop smoking or drinking or even eat right or whatever. But, the thing is, sickness or misfortunes doesn't warn u before it happens. When, it's gonna happen, it'll happen. So, it's always good to be prepared. Always, good to save up for a rainy day.

This hold true even in this world economic crisis. Did you saved enough in the event that you are laid off? I, certainly hope so. For your own sake!

It's easy to forget when it seems, life so good and you don't think anything worse can or will happen to your life right now. But, life is so unpredictable. You, could be laughing right now but would be crying your heart out the next. It's always good to be prepared for the worse in life, cause, believe you me, it will. It's also good to be mentally prepared for the worse. I find that, if I think of the worse thing that could happen, it didn't happen. But, if I take things too lightly and the worse struck me. That's just life.

One, thing I'm sure of is that. Nothing, is perfect in life. People come and go. Friends, move on. Parents dies. Children dies. It's all happening in this world. Don't take it to heart. Most, of the time, I just shrug it off as part of life. One day, I'll die. That will be that. The end.

In any case, be thankful, you still got a chance to change for the better. To make something out of this short time we are given. Nothing, gonna last forever. So, take care, have fun but don't throw it all away. Don't waste it.

That's all I have to say right now. Have a nice weekend.

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