Thursday, January 08, 2009

Five Reasons Why India Can't 'Do a Gaza' on Pakistan

So, I read with interest, point written by Tunku Vara at about why the Indians can't 'do a Gaza on Pakistan'. Everyone seems to be asking him, why not? It seems like a stupid question to me. Everybody knows the Palestine are no match for the Israel army supported by the U.S. The palestinians only have rockets and small firearms. They don't even have an army much less a 'real country'. They're refugees in their own freaking land for that matter.

Pakistan, on the other hand have their own security forces. They, even have their own freaking nuclear!

Pakistan, is definitely more organised then the palestinians. Okay, they aren't really united as a people but that doesn't mean they're totally weak. I think, the terrorist that attack mumbai last year was just a plan to poke india into going to war with Pakistan. Both, of them are fighting for kashmir. We, all know that. There's hand behind all this that wants these countries to go to war. The terrorist would definitely win. I think, the terrorist are trying to get India and Pakistan to go to war so that Pakistan would be too busy playing war with India and forget about Afghanistan. Remember, the Afghans? They're still at war you know!?

So, in this respect they're planning to get the Americans to lose the Pakistan support in the Afghan war. The american are totally lost in afghanistan without the support of the Pakistan. Right, now the American have only a few countries in Afghanistan. The Taliban are slowly gaining support again as Afghanistan is still at war after what, 8 years?

The people of Afghanistan, after so long aren't having it any better then before the U.S. went to war with their country. So, why should they support the americans?

Don't forget about Iraq. The country is still in shambles right now. Click here to visit a blog I found searching via google. In-fighting is still on-going. The people are still bombing and shooting at each other. I can tell you, the Americans are totally stretched right now. What, with the economy in tattered. No, wonder the world suffers with it.

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Slowly, but surely. The world will end.