Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama Inauguration "Live" 2009!

Obama Inauguration "Live"!

Watch History happens "Live".

After, the hoopla of the inauguration, let's see how he does his job. I think, everyone is hoping for the best. Hoping for change. Hoping for him to drag back the world into what it was before. Will, he solve the financial crisis? Will he stop the war? Will he bring back the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan? What is his ideas? What is his plans? 

I guess, everyone is waiting with bated breadth. Remember, he is just a man. Although, he's going to be a president of the most 'powerful' country. But, there's so much he can do. He needs people around him to do a good job. To do what is told. To give him good advice. We've all seen what Bush has done. Everyone, is just happy he is finally out of the picture. Well, almost. Until, finally Barack Obama president-elect is finally been called, "Mr President".

Right then. Enjoy, the show!