Thursday, March 07, 2019

V-Rally 4 Now Out on Nintendo Switch!

V-Rally - Nintendo Switch

Hey guys,

Check it out!

V-Rally 4 are out now for the nintendo switch!

Can't wait to get my hand on this game. Been, waiting since I heard the game coming to the switch. The only real console like rally game for the nintendo switch. I saw it on eShop yesterday, but you'll need at least 11.6gb of storage space.

I only have 36gb left on my 64gb, microsd card. I'm thinking of getting the 128gb or 256gb. But, I'm also wondering if the latest version rumoured nintendo switch pro will have bigger internal storage. It's pretty obvious, more games will be available on the eShop.

I find it easier to switch between downloaded games via eShop. If your games on a cartridge, you'll need to manually change the games. My docking system, are flat on its face, so I have a bit of a problem, whenever I want to change it.

I think, if I had bigger storage space, I might probably have bought all the games on eShop. It's just convenience. You only need to bring your switch without the hassle of choosing which game cartridges you want to bring along.

At the same time, I like to have my collections of physical game cartridge and box. Something, to hold and look at. Especially, if they have nice graphics. Would have loved, if they included posters on those case. I used to post them on my walls. Why companies stop doing that is beyond me!

Anyway, get the game via the link below:

V-Rally - Nintendo Switch

  • V-Rally 4 features over 50 car models, including the most famous in rallying and extreme motor sports, for you to test drive, collect, upgrade, customize and, above all, master
  • Developed by Kylotonn Racing Games, a studio specializing in racing simulations, V-Rally 4 has all the latest physics and graphics developments of the KT Engine
  • As the trip is worth nothing unless it is shared, v-rally 4 has a Career mode and an innovative online mode to transform your experience and progress

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Happy gaming!

P.S. V-Rally - Nintendo Switch

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