Sunday, November 29, 2015

MacBook gold unboxing - my first ever Mac!

Hey guys,

Just got my first macbook ever. The reason I'm even getting a macbook now is because of this latest 2015 retina macbook gold version. I didn't really bought it because it has top specs and able to play the latest games on high settings. I bought it, on a whim. :p

It does have an intel 1.1 ghz m core, 5300 HD graphics, 8 gb ram and a mere 256gb ssd that's already left around 50+ gb, after i finish download shadow of modor from steam. I'm not even sure if this macbook gold can play the game. But, it's on sale, so I bought it for the mac version. I hope, it can at least play on low settings.

So far, I've tried playing dirt 3 complete edition, dirt showdown, sid meter's civilisation V and Torchlight II all settings ranging from all low to mediums and high. You really have to play around with the settings to get to your desired result. I haven't t tried Age of Wonders III, which i already downloaded. Will soon. Oh yeah, I've played Diablo III on this machine and it rocks!

I've already upload the Diablo III gameplay video here. I'm actually typing this blog on my macbook gold now and most people have already talk about the keyboard on their sites and video reviews. Yes, it's really shallow and it's like typing on a piece of paper. Apple, claimed that their new key butterfly design are better then the old scissors type. That's for us, users to decide though.

If you're already used to touch typing then, it won't be much of a problem. It's not that bad. I keep typing on it as if it's a mechanical keyboard. And, it's a backlit keyboard. My damn acer, doesn't have backlit keyboard and I'm having problem typing on it in the dark. I think, every laptop should have a backlit keyboard. Yes, most of us or maybe it's just me, who likes to stay in the dark while...surfing. :p

I'm also getting use to using this macbook as I'm primarily a windows user. There's a bit of a learning curve but I'm loving it. I like to learn and try out new stuff or techs. Ok, mac been here for a long time and I did play around with a mac like 20+ years ago and don't think the OS ui change that much. I still remember the top bar and it's command control.

After this, I'm checking out on youtube for the command shortcuts. Just find out how to cut and paste stuff on the mac and how to correct my spellings. Lol. The touchpad is also a new technology that Apple is using. It doesn't have the two bar that other laptop usually have. I'm used to right clicking on the touch pad to select but this mac have just one single touchpad. It's really smooth and soft to the touch. I like it. Right, I just learn to click two fingers on the touchpad to open the select menu. :p

In fact, I really like this macbook gold. I like the colour and the design. It only have a one type c port for charging and connecting stuff like your usb, multi-port etc. It's a little annoying as I'm used to plugging my iPhone, laptop cooler, mouse and even my game controller. I'm trying to use this mac as it is. Just for surfing youtube, facebook-ing and checking my email.

I don't blog as much nowadays. But, so far, it doesn't hang up or anything. I have steam, safari, iMessage and blogger opened all at once. As I'm blogging, I'm actually learning how to use this machine. I'm getting used to the keyboard now. I think, if you use it as meant to be, a netbook, albeit and expensive one then you'll find this laptop really fun to use.

I have watch movies, listen to music and it's a joy. The sound, for a netbook is really loud. I'm half deaf so, if I'm telling you it's loud, it's really loud. I have an acer laptop and the sound speaker not as good as this. In fact, I had to plug in a mini speaker just to hear someone talking. So, I have really no complain about the speaker on board this mac.

Oh. One thing, I'm really concern about how hot this laptop can get if you're playing any kind of game. It's a fan-less laptop and there are no ventilation holes. Not sure, if any hot air can come in or out from the laptop speaker. But, if you're planning for heavy usage, then it's better you're inside an aircon room or you're sitting near a fan. A BIG fan. I'm touching the underside of the laptop and it's really hot. Maybe, because I'm charging it. But, I've already un-plugged and hope it's cooling down.

Update: Nope, it's still hot. :p

The battery for this laptop is really good. Since, I'm already un-plugged from the power source, and it's around 1:00 pm right now. I'm guessing, I'll be charging again tonight. Unless, I decide to play some games on it. Then, I'll probably have to charge it back by 5:00 pm. This laptop is pretty light too. Around, 2 pounds and as thin as Steve Jobs used to be, rest his soul. If you're up there somewhere, then you'll be proud of this macbook Gold.

Well, I guess, that's about it right now. Hope, you guys like my macbook gold un-boxing video and for more videos, pls visit my

Good day!

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