Sunday, May 03, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - xenoblade chronicles 3d

Hey guys,

I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3d for the past few days and despite the graphics which could be better in term of today techs, this game is fantastic. No wonder, it got great reviews from everyone. I wasn't actually really keen on getting the game once it was launch but decide to get it anyway.

I'm really happy, I did. I actually had to look for it at 3 game shop at 3 malls to finally find it in stock. What I was really surprised with is the fighting mechanics. I thought, it wouldn't be any different from other rpg games but it's totally unique and it actually work fine with the Nintendo 3ds control.

You'll have to think fast on your fingers though. There's a few fighting technique that you could or should use to defeat the mechon or monsters. I have to admit, I was stucked at trying to finish off the monster lizard for 7 hrs. I thought, if I saved at the point I was going to fight the lizard, I could save time. But, I kept dying. So, in the end I just start from where the system let me start and keep fighting the rabbit and lizards to level up to 9. Improved, my gear and defence. Until, I finally killed that damn lizard. :p

Once, I get pass the lizards, everything else was smooth sailing. That is until, I reach the part where, I and ahem 'reyn' need to kill the monster spider. Anyway, I stop to post this and give my brain and fingers a break. All i can say is, if you haven't got it, then go get it. If you haven't even get the New nintendo 3ds then go get it first. It's a great mobile gaming platform and I wish more games that were on IOS or Android will come to the nintendo 3ds.

I posted on the Dead Trigger Facebook page asking them if their game gonna be on the 3ds and they replied, not at the moment. I wish, it would come to the 3ds soon. With, the 3ds control, the game gonna be a blast to play. It would be funny, if they didn't think of getting their games on the 3ds. I mean, how many millions 3ds are sold since they were launch?

For me, the New nintendo 3ds xl is a great platform for rpg and even shooter games. I've bought a couple of games that could last me a lifetime. Yes, the rpg games full of adventures and monsters to fight through. My only gripe like I've said before is the graphics. It's not even on par with my iPhone 6 plus. I hope they improve on it in the future. Anyway, hope you like the video I post today.

Happy gaming!