Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - unboxing puzzle dragon z + puzzle dragons Mario ed...

Hey guys,

Finally, bought "Puzzle Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Bros. edition". I got it yesterday from my local game shop. Actually, they asked me if I had pre-ordered but I said no. I was glad, it doesn't matter.

At the same time, I bought Resident Evil revelation. I had wanted to buy it for awhile and finally got it together with Puzzle dragons Z + Puzzle dragons mario edition. I have loaded and tried both game yesterday. And, yeah. I really like it. It's really a great offer to have both version puzzle games on a single cartridge. If they had offer it as a limited edition, I'm sure it'll already be sold out by now.

Since, I bought my red New nintendo 3ds xl, I've been buying games almost every month! If i had more money, I would have bought more games. I'm eyeing some more games to buy once, i have the dough. The new nintendo 3ds xl is simply a great mobile gaming console. And, it's great to be able to play your favorite rpgs on it.

If you hadn't bought the new nintendo 3ds then, you should go out and get it. There will be more great rpgs coming out soon. I'm hoping for more shooter games and also latest games that's been available for the mobile phone. The controller are really great for mobile console gaming. Certainly, they could improve more by adding availability for data card and upgrade processor for more powerful graphics.

I'm sure, the nintendo 3ds would get even better in the future for better mobile gaming. It's already are a great mobile gaming console. Maybe, better slick industrial design that would appeal to the masses. Nintendo, should start to open up to the world. Everywhere I go, the fans are really small or maybe it's just in my area. Maybe, it's because the smartphone is the so-called "King" of mobile gaming but, the 3ds is the true mobile gaming console.

Oh well, as long as Nintendo, keep pushing the boundaries for mobile gaming console then I'm sure they'll eventually win the race. With their already loads of great games on offer. Why not? Meanwhile, hope you like my Puzzle Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Mario Bros edition unboxing video. I'm off to gaming weekends!

Happy gaming!