Saturday, March 08, 2014

My Alienware m14x - The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Gameplay (beta)

My Alienware m14x - The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Gameplay (beta)

Yo guys,

Haven't been doing any new gaming video for awhile. But, here's a new game play video of a new, Free to play game, "The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot".

There are already a few videos out there on this game and it's been on steam for quite some time now. I decided to download and try it out on my Alienware m14x. Okay, I was bored, and looking for a new rpg game to try out. Furthermore, it's free!

So, if you haven't try it out, then I suggest you look for it on steam and download it. It's a pretty fun game. My nephew, thought it look like 'Torchlight'. Yeah, the graphics might be but the game play a little different. You can choose the usual protagonist like the warrior, mage, archer and even as a rocking guitar girl!

You can also choose, which castle to attack and collect gold and loots. Pretty basic, I supposed. You can also, actually build and design your own castle too. Sound, like fun? You betcha!

I haven't really dwell yet into it much but, I'm going to play the game again after posting this. I won't bore you with all the details. You probably play a ton of rpgs and what more can I say? It's basically all the same. For me, it's the nice graphics and I prefer playing through a story and wandering around freely. Of course, the battle got to be cool too.

My settings are on high and v-sync on. Game play are smooth even with Frap on, during my recording. Don't think, I could adjust some other settings, being it's still on beta. If this game, play nice during beta, then it's gonna be fantastic once it's out of beta and fully loaded!

Well, I hope the video interest you enough to try it out for yourself. Enjoy!

Happy gaming!

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