Tuesday, November 05, 2013

DIY Cheap $1.30 Guitar Wall Hanger + Re-painting my old bookshelf!

DIY Cheap $1.30 Guitar Wall Hanger + Re-painting my old bookshelf!

Hey guys,

I've been watching some diy videos on cheap ways to mount a wall guitar hanger and decided to do my own diy. I was looking around at a thrift shop for something that could be used as a guitar hanger and decided to use a pair of bookshelf brackets that only cost around $1.30!

Bought, some wall plugs and screws and went to work straight away. I measured and did some testing where I wanted to put the wall hanger. After, making some markings, I drilled 3 holes each for the brackets. Hammer in the wall plugs and screw the brackets to the wall.

Pretty quick and easy. I decided to tape the sharp edges of the brackets and spray paint it white. In all, it took me between 1/2 an hour at least. I didn't record the work but took some pictures. So, I put it up as a video with a bit of instructions. Anyway, if you're thinking of a cheap way to put up a guitar wall hanger then why not try it? It practically, cost me next to nothing doing this project which include re-painting of my bookshelf of course. Voila!

Check out the video!

If you're looking for some affordable guitar wall hanger check these out below:

P.S. I've got more videos at my youtube.com/freaker126 channel!