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Steve Jobs is dead!

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

Steve Jobs, the founder and former CEO of Apple computers, died this evening at age 56. He had been battling pancreatic cancer for eight years.


Rest in peace my good man. Can't help but feel a little sad for him to go. But, at least he leave Apple Inc. in good shape and in good hands. Long long ago I heard of Apple computer from people I met and they were hardcore Mac user. I didn't really understand why. Until now, I've never owned a Mac although I marvel at the technology, OS and the beautiful design. I have played around with the system though. 

Anyway, as a PC user I felt awkward using it. But, I bought my first Apple product almost 6 years ago. It was an 80GB 5th Gen iPod. I'm still using it today.

my first apple product the ipod!

even the casing looks nice!

i'm still using it fr almost 6 yrs now!

isn't it cool? I had to shrimp and save!

Also, bought my first 3G iPhone after watching the demo by Steve Jobs. That's when I started my love affair with the iPhone and the legendary presentation by Steve Jobs. No matter what others say or think of him, I think we should respect the departed and Steve Jobs have done his job the best he could. So, it's final curtain for him right now. Now, it's time for him to have a good long rest.

couldn't get the 1st iphone but I got the iPhone 3G!

bought it together with the case.

had to subscribe to a 2nd new carrier!

complete package!

Finally, my new 3G!


haven't even take out the plastic cover yet

iPhone 3G the back side

then came the 3GS and iPhone 4 which i didn't get.

Front of the iPhone 3G

Closer look.

I was in awed of the product

Luv it!

You can buy and download good ebook for reading.

Didn't actually finish reading it. Gonna re-download once I got my iPhone 4S!

I'm a zombie on Mangle FPS for the iPhone game!

My iPhone 3G!

Steve Jobs demos Apple Macintosh in 1984. If the 1984 Steve Jobs realized how successful Apple is right now, he'll flipped!

Quotes from Steve Jobs:

"..Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." 

AllThingsD conference, 2010

There's nothing that makes my day more than getting an e-mail from some random person in the universe who just bought an iPad over in the UK and tells me the story about how it's the coolest product they've ever brought home in their lives. That's what keeps me going. It's what kept me five years ago, it's what kept me going 10 years ago when the doors were almost closed. And it's what will keep me going five years from now whatever happens.

Commencement speech at Stanford University, 2005

Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything - all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure - these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.

Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven't found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle. As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don't settle.

Interview with Business Week, 2004

Innovation comes from people meeting up in the hallways or calling each other at 10:30 at night with a new idea, or because they realised something that shoots holes in how we've been thinking about a problem. It's ad-hoc meetings of six people called by someone who thinks he has figured out the coolest new thing ever and who wants to know what other people think of his idea.

And it comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don't get on the wrong track or try to do too much. We're always thinking about new markets we could enter, but it's only by saying no that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.

Interview with Fortune magazine, 2000

In most people's vocabularies, design means veneer. It's interior decorating. It's the fabric of the curtains and the sofa. But to me, nothing could be further from the meaning of design. Design is the fundamental soul of a man-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product or service.

My position coming back to Apple was that our industry was in a coma. It reminded me of Detroit in the 70s, when American cars were boats on wheels.

Interview with Business Week, 1998

That's been one of my mantras - focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

Interview with Wired, 1996

These technologies can make life easier, can let us touch people we might not otherwise. You may have a child with a birth defect and be able to get in touch with other parents and support groups, get medical information, the latest experimental drugs. These things can profoundly influence life. I'm not downplaying that. But it's a disservice to constantly put things in this radical new light - that it's going to change everything. Things don't have to change the world to be important.

Interview with Wall Street Journal, 1993

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn't matter to me… Going to bed at night saying we've done something wonderful… that's what matters to me."

Interview with Playboy magazine, 1985

The most compelling reason for most people to buy a computer for the home will be to link it to a nationwide communications network. We're just in the beginning stages of what will be a truly remarkable breakthrough for most people - as remarkable as the telephone.

Good bye Mr. Steve Jobs. We'll miss you. Boom!

Click link below for article and more vids on BBC UK:

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