Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samsung Galaxy S2 II (white) Full Review - My First Impression

Samsung Galaxy S2 II (white) Full Review - My First Impression

Supp guys,

So, yesterday, I decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S II instead of the iPhone 4S. The reason was that for 2 days the iPhone 4S was sold out for my country courier. I've heard of Samsung Galaxy S II for awhile now. So, I decided to check out the phone specs and videos online. I think with it's 1.2ghz dual core processor, it's relatively comparable to the iPhone 4S.

One thing I really like about the Samsung Galaxy is the bigger screen size. Put it beside an iPhone 4S and you'll see the difference. You won't realized how beautiful the screen is until you test it out for yourself. In fact, even when I thought the iPhone 4S was in stock, I was in two mind if I should purchase the iPhone 4S or the Samsung Galaxy. When the salesgirl informed me that the iPhone 4S was actually out of stock, I made up my mind to get the Samsung instead. And, I'm glad I did.

The Samsung Galaxy S II is smooth, fast, easy to use and as a first time Android phone user, it's all pretty interesting to me. The Android market is getting better and now you have load of apps and games for your phone. I spend the whole night playing around with the phone and started transferring my favorite songs and videos to the phone. The full screen videos is vivid with beautiful color and the music is pretty loud too. I love the included earpiece and even use it on this laptop.

I also tried the voice command feature included with the phone. I've downloaded Vlingo but haven't tried it out yet (update: I've tried it and it's awesome!). As, I'm Asian, the phone have some problem with my accent and pronunciation of some words. I think, it's a little different from the iPhone Siri. But, it did manage to call my mom when I say for e.g. "Call Mak ( Malay for mother)."

I found it fun to play around with the voice command feature. Just hope they'll update for the varied Asian accents!

I'm still just getting use to using the phone and you can bet I'll be doing more testing on it. In all, it's a fantastic phone for Internet surfing, watching Youtube videos, games etc. I haven't test out the camera for video recording and taking pictures but that's for another day. For now, enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S II youtube video review. By the way, I got the white version the same as shown on this video. LoL!


P.S. I might decide to post some videos and pictures taken via my Samsung phone on my blog later on. Get it if you're looking for other alternative beside the iPhone 4S!