Saturday, September 15, 2018

iPhone Xs Xs MAX and one more phone Xr - sep 12 2018 Apple Special Event

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Hey guys,

By now, probably, you're already tired of all the articles, talking about the latest iPhone Xs, Xs Max and one more phone, the Xr!

There's not much change in the phone design. The stupid, 'notch' still there. Although, I've seen people using the phone and it's not really that bad. It's still, kinda weird when you're watching movies or playing games in full screen, and you see the notch blocking part of the view.

In spite of the notch, I actually like the Xs Max. I think it cost around US$1099. It has a massive 6.5" super retina display. And, with the latest A12 bionic chip. Also, I really loved the gold color. Apple, also improved the speaker with stereo sound.

Apple fanboys, who cares about the latest spec and have the dough would probably go for the Xs Max. Everybody, else would probably goes for the cheaper Xr. Which is not bad, itself. It comes with different color like blue or red. I'll probably, go for the red, if ever I'm buying the Xr.

The Xs is a little bigger then the current iPhone X. And, also much powerful then the A11 chip. If you've already got the iPhone X, just stick with it. The only difference from all the latest iPhones are the specs. And, how much you're willing to spend.

It would be interesting to see how people react to the three latest version of iPhones. Apple, are banging on the coming holiday seasons for their phone sales. Personally, I'm a little curious why they're putting out all these phones at one go.

The good news is, all the other 'older' version of iphone 7 or iPhone 8 plus are getting cheaper. Mind you, their specs still good and powerful enough to be use as your daily driver. With great cameras and bigger memory space!

Right now, I'm already thinking about the kind of iPhone, they're gonna put out next year. Going to be interesting. Are they just going to do an increment upgrade or finally, a new full screen phone without the 'notch'?

A new design maybe?

Don't forget to watch the Apple event video!

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Stay tuned!

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