Saturday, August 31, 2013

Your Road To Financial Freedom - Money Saving tips

Your Road To Financial Freedom

Yo guys,

Most of the time, I post bout games and game news etc. But today, I wanted to re-recommend a website of a guy about savings and investing. I found his site/blog, a couple years back and until now, when I thought about savings for retirement, I always went to visit it for info and inspiration.

His saving method can be considered un-conventional and he actually ruffled a few feathers back then and I supposed now too. But hey, most people are always against new ideas and things that they don't understand. Somehow, I get what he was talking about back then and it still does ring true till now 2013.

On his site, he also writes about investment tips and recommendations. It's good for beginners and professional investors alike. Anyway, you can visit his main site @ and say hi, for me if you decide to visit him. :)

By the way, even though this video is pretty old but you'll realize his tips still works today! Watch him interviewed bout his book and they talk about 10 tips you can use pretty much right now.

Check it out!

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Happy saving and trading!

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