Saturday, November 19, 2011

A-macing approach: US police spray peaceful students protest

A-macing approach: US police spray peaceful students protest Video part 1:


 Video part 2:


Just wanted to share with you guys the on-going students protest in the U.S. right now. News reported by RT Russia News Tv coverage.

You can click here to visit their main site for more latest news and videos.

Not really sure where all this protest is going but people are demanding actions from the government to do more for the people then for the elitist self. As far as I know, the U.S. is always about money and credits. And, you can't solely blame on the 'elected government'. The people themselves have to take the blame too.

You spend more then you earn. You put yourself in heavy debts and now you blame others for your very own mistake. Everyone have to take the blame for the greed that's been breeding in the modern American culture. America is still a free country and you're free to do what you want. Of course with the bank loans and high interest, plus the outsources of jobs to other countries, the tide is always going against you.

The government really need to align themselves to the changing time and keep up with the demand of the younger generation. The old guards need to make way for new younger generation to lead America towards becoming more compact and flexible before it get behind to countries such as the new emerging economic powerhouse China and other Asian countries. Before all these demands are being met then the protest won't stop. I'll say, it'll keep growing until Mr. President Obama or a new president begin to acknowledge and listen to the protesters before it gets out of hand.

First though, the police have to stop treating the protesters with heavy handed measures that aren't doing both sides any good. Let's all calmly sit around the table and discuss the best move to push America forward to a better future and beyond.

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