Does majority choices always mean right?

You know, I've been looking around and thinking. It seems that okay maybe everybody already know this but just because the majority thinks that someone is a good leader or the majority make a choice that seems right doesn't mean that it IS! IS it?

The thing is don't just follow the crowd!

The crowd might just be running over a cliff!

So, beware and think for yourself and don't just follow the crowd.

- - - - - - - -

Another matter today is I'm just fed up by the news today or the in-fighting between muslims around the world. Mainly between the sunnis and syiah or whatever. I mean have these muslims forgotten the teaching of the prophet Muhammad s.a.w?

He teaches tolerant and unity among muslims but these muslims nowadays are a breakout from the original!

In Islam there is only one love, one unity for GOD!

There's no sunny or syiah or whatever you want to call yourself!

Wake up!

I think all of us (muslims) should return to the real teaching of Muhammad s.a.w and forget our petty differences.


P.S. Somewhere out there in the desert, a man alone with himself and GOD, living in peace with himself...

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