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Hello there future sponsor!

My name is fauzi and I'm the owner of Games & Tech blog.

Let's get straight to the point. I've been thinking of getting a main sponsor for this blog for some time.

If you've been checking out my blog, you'll notice I promote lots of companies and their products via my blog post or banners.

That's fine, but I still need to find a permanent support for maintaining this blog.

Hence, this is where you (main sponsor) come in. As a main sponsor, what you'll get?

  • First thing, this blog will be 'themed' to your company background, link and banners.
So, even though, I'm blogging about other products or things of interest. You'll get more prominent views every single time my blog is visited. More views!
  • All my other banners will be taken away. 

I will still post with links and banners to promote or talk about other company products once in awhile with their latest offers etc.

  • My rates are pretty cheap for a 3 mth, 6 mth, 12 mth as main sponsor. (the longer the better)
I'll be truthful here. My visitors numbers currently aren't that many as I just started blogging again. Maybe, around 100-500. You can see my current visitors numbers and views on the left side of the blog. I know it's small compared to other big sites or I'll ask for bigger amounts $$$.

A chance for smaller company to sponsor me!
  • I blog post almost every day 
I blog and promote it via social media like Google+twitter, facebook, pinterest and others. So, you'll definitely get eyeballs every time they visit.

More visitors from other source. Means more eyeballs views of your branding and products service. The longer you sponsor me, the more people will remember about your company.

  • I have visitors from all over the world!

Main visitors are from U.S. and the blog can be find on google and other search engines. Not really prominent. But, the more I post, the more visitors I'll get. I do get visitors from them, so, more source of visitors!

Becoming, the main sponsor for this blog are better then me just blogging once in awhile about your company products and services. Visitors will always notice your brand no matter what. Imagine, all the eyeballs you'll get if you sponsor for a year!

Of course, these are just some of the advantages of being this blog main sponsor. You're welcome to go through my blog and do your own evaluation. I promised nothing special but the eyeballs of all my visitors every time they visit the Games & Tech blog.

Games & Tech are my interest. It's kind of a personal blog. I post about products that I like and sometime bought. And, which I like to share my interest with others. These are my personal views and you or your company are not liable for.

Remember, this blog will be around for a long time. And, it's accessible anytime and anywhere via pc or mobile phones. I have backlogs of articles through the years that still streams with incoming traffics.

By the way, if you have products that you want me to talk about then you can contact me too. I can do a simple unboxing and post it on my channel.

That's it!

If you're interested, let's deal!

Click here to contact me!

Thank you!


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