Sunday, November 29, 2015

MacBook gold unboxing - my first ever Mac!

Hey guys,

Just got my first macbook ever. The reason I'm even getting a macbook now is because of this latest 2015 retina macbook gold version. I didn't really bought it because it has top specs and able to play the latest games on high settings. I bought it, on a whim. :p

It does have an intel 1.1 ghz m core, 5300 HD graphics, 8 gb ram and a mere 256gb ssd that's already left around 50+ gb, after i finish download shadow of modor from steam. I'm not even sure if this macbook gold can play the game. But, it's on sale, so I bought it for the mac version. I hope, it can at least play on low settings.

So far, I've tried playing dirt 3 complete edition, dirt showdown, sid meter's civilisation V and Torchlight II all settings ranging from all low to mediums and high. You really have to play around with the settings to get to your desired result. I haven't t tried Age of Wonders III, which i already downloaded. Will soon. Oh yeah, I've played Diablo III on this machine and it rocks!

I've already upload the Diablo III gameplay video here. I'm actually typing this blog on my macbook gold now and most people have already talk about the keyboard on their sites and video reviews. Yes, it's really shallow and it's like typing on a piece of paper. Apple, claimed that their new key butterfly design are better then the old scissors type. That's for us, users to decide though.

If you're already used to touch typing then, it won't be much of a problem. It's not that bad. I keep typing on it as if it's a mechanical keyboard. And, it's a backlit keyboard. My damn acer, doesn't have backlit keyboard and I'm having problem typing on it in the dark. I think, every laptop should have a backlit keyboard. Yes, most of us or maybe it's just me, who likes to stay in the dark while...surfing. :p

I'm also getting use to using this macbook as I'm primarily a windows user. There's a bit of a learning curve but I'm loving it. I like to learn and try out new stuff or techs. Ok, mac been here for a long time and I did play around with a mac like 20+ years ago and don't think the OS ui change that much. I still remember the top bar and it's command control.

After this, I'm checking out on youtube for the command shortcuts. Just find out how to cut and paste stuff on the mac and how to correct my spellings. Lol. The touchpad is also a new technology that Apple is using. It doesn't have the two bar that other laptop usually have. I'm used to right clicking on the touch pad to select but this mac have just one single touchpad. It's really smooth and soft to the touch. I like it. Right, I just learn to click two fingers on the touchpad to open the select menu. :p

In fact, I really like this macbook gold. I like the colour and the design. It only have a one type c port for charging and connecting stuff like your usb, multi-port etc. It's a little annoying as I'm used to plugging my iPhone, laptop cooler, mouse and even my game controller. I'm trying to use this mac as it is. Just for surfing youtube, facebook-ing and checking my email.

I don't blog as much nowadays. But, so far, it doesn't hang up or anything. I have steam, safari, iMessage and blogger opened all at once. As I'm blogging, I'm actually learning how to use this machine. I'm getting used to the keyboard now. I think, if you use it as meant to be, a netbook, albeit and expensive one then you'll find this laptop really fun to use.

I have watch movies, listen to music and it's a joy. The sound, for a netbook is really loud. I'm half deaf so, if I'm telling you it's loud, it's really loud. I have an acer laptop and the sound speaker not as good as this. In fact, I had to plug in a mini speaker just to hear someone talking. So, I have really no complain about the speaker on board this mac.

Oh. One thing, I'm really concern about how hot this laptop can get if you're playing any kind of game. It's a fan-less laptop and there are no ventilation holes. Not sure, if any hot air can come in or out from the laptop speaker. But, if you're planning for heavy usage, then it's better you're inside an aircon room or you're sitting near a fan. A BIG fan. I'm touching the underside of the laptop and it's really hot. Maybe, because I'm charging it. But, I've already un-plugged and hope it's cooling down.

Update: Nope, it's still hot. :p

The battery for this laptop is really good. Since, I'm already un-plugged from the power source, and it's around 1:00 pm right now. I'm guessing, I'll be charging again tonight. Unless, I decide to play some games on it. Then, I'll probably have to charge it back by 5:00 pm. This laptop is pretty light too. Around, 2 pounds and as thin as Steve Jobs used to be, rest his soul. If you're up there somewhere, then you'll be proud of this macbook Gold.

Well, I guess, that's about it right now. Hope, you guys like my macbook gold un-boxing video and for more videos, pls visit my

Good day!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - unboxing and gameplay yokai watch!

Hey guys,

I decided to get myself the new Yokai Watch game the other day. I didn't really know if my local game shop already got it as I didn't pre-order or anything. I saw the demo of the game on a youtube show from the dev but totally forget about it.

Anyway, I tried my luck and am happy that I decided to buy it. It's really fun and the battle a little different from the other rpg game. Although, it might get a bit distracting as while your team is battling away, you're looking at the bottom screen either frantically making a circle or drawing a symbol.

I think, I prefer to use the button to play the game. But, since you need to draw the symbols, holding on to your touch pen is also vital at time. I find it a bit hard to play while laying down on your bed or maybe the couch during battle time. Maybe, I'll get used to it. :p

The game are full of little things you can do like catching bugs, making friend with yokai and interacting with the local people. I like the graphics and design of the game. The storyline is also interesting.

Well, as always, I took a video of unboxing the game and also show a little gameplay. Hope you like it.

Happy gaming!

P.S. More gameplay videos at my channel.

Sunday, September 06, 2015

Playing Diablo III on my 3 year old m14x

Hey guys,

Recorded this on the fly using my iPhone 6. Think the vid aren't that clear. should have chose HD on upload to

Anyway, I'm playing this on my 3 year old m14x. Yes, it's been that long. I still or barely remember the first day, I unbox it. Actually, I have that video uploaded on youtube too. Just visit my main site at

I still have to tinker with the setting a bit. As with all other games. So, the most important thing is being able to play that game. For some latest games like Dragon Age inquisitions, I'm having trouble playing it even on low. I'm not sure if it's because of the driver. I've tried everything and even install and re-install Nvidia Ge Force driver.

I've actually upgraded my m14x to wins 10 on Free upgrade from Wins 7. It's pretty smooth on Wins 10. Doesn't help much on gaming. But, at least it's Free right?

Anyway, haven't upload much gameplay for my m14x. I'm looking around to upgrade the another new gaming laptop but have to save up first. Nowadays, there seem to be a lot of good offering for a gaming laptop at good prices. I'm still shopping around. I'll love to get the new alienware gaming laptop but others offer better prices. Like the Lenovo Y50.

I'll be happy to get a gaming laptop that can play Dragon Age Inquisition on high. That'll be my benchmark. I'm also thinking of getting a desktop gaming rig but the usage of power would be very high. I don't game that much. Don't have the time. And, sometime, I just need to surf or watch movies online. I also, like to lay down on the floor much of the time. I can't sit too long with my bad back and leg crampz.

A laptop fit my lifestyle. Well, anyway. Hope you like the video.

Happy gaming!

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Unboxing my new iPhone 6 space grey 128gb

Yo guys,

I got my new iPhone 6/128gb/space grey on Friday and been playing around with it for awhile now. I actually sold my iPhone 6 plus, 64gb because thought I needed more space. A 128gb iPhone 6 plus would be a little expensive and since, I'm able to re-contract, I decided to get the iPhone 6 with the extra more space.

The iPhone 6 does feel a little smaller but not that small and not that big either. At 4.7" screen size, I think it felt just right. Before, I got the iPhone 6, I had to use the old iPhone 4 which I borrowed from my nephew and it was a little frustrating. The phone keep opening up on it's own and taking pictures inside my pocket. So, i had a lot of dark pictures inside my phone and have to manually keep deleting it. I'm not sure what happen to the auto-lock. Maybe it un-lock itself after touching my thigh.

Also, maybe I'm getting old but, because the iPhone 4 screen is a little small compared to my old iPhone 6 plus, I have problem with the small words font. Keep taking off my specs to read or look at the pictures. And, the camera aren't that sharp either. I need to take photos for work and play and the quality of the pics aren't as good as my iPhone 6 plus. With that respect, i really do miss my iPhone 6 plus. It's the best iPhone of all the generations of iPhone that Apple build. Not really a fan of the slippery design though. I was always afraid to drop it.

Now, back to my iPhone 6. I'm still updating and getting used to it. Bought, tempered glass protection for the screen and clear case cover for it. Sometime, I still hold the phone as if I'm holding an iPhone 6 plus. With two hands. Taking pictures is easy and fast. The phone doesn't feel slow and lag like the iPhone 4 is now. Not really sure about the battery but, since, I'm still playing around with it often, I have to at least charge it twice per day. The iPhone 6 plus overall have the better battery that can last the whole day without needing to charge again. But, i still charge during my lunch time and it's almost always down by the time I reach home at around 8pm.

I actually thought of getting the Blackberry classic or the 'square' thingy but they were actually sold out. Guess, i'll just stick with the iPhone. Don't really wanna go for the Samsung S6 or edge which is more cheaper but I don't like android. The phone seems lag and not really a fan of the UI. Anyway, right now, I'm going to install wins 10 on my m14x and hope will put new life to it. I installed wins 10 on my Acer with Amd radeon graphic cards and it seem to improve gaming.

Till later.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Just installed new wins 10!

So...many people have installed successfully the new wins 10 which is free. I decided to try check if I'll be able to do that today. 

After a few hiccups, finally it's downloading all the files required and tada!

Check out some of the pics below:



The last time I tried install the beta on my Alienware m14x, my wifi didn't work. This time, I had no problem with it. 

Nice looking calculator. 

Looks really cool. 

Searching for...

All in one page. 

What else is there?

This looks really nice and cool. I'm gonna play around with this O.S. for awhile. So far, so good though. Wait, where's my games?

Download it now for yourself and test it out!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

What's inside my New Nintendo 3ds xl vs iPhone 6 + games.

Hey guys,

In this video, I just wanted to show what kind of games I have for my new nintendo 3ds xl and also for my iphone 6 +. I also show the difference or rather the contrasting content in Nintendo eShop and iPhone App Shop which have more varieties of games and apps.

I currently have some rpg games like Fantasy Life, Majora's Mask, Monster Hunter 4 and others. These games will last me a looOOoonngg time to play. What's great is, I can bring along my new nintendo 3ds xl pretty much everywhere I go and play my favorite rpgs.

My iPhone 6 + is also great for gaming but because of lack of 'control' unlike the 3ds, there's only certain game you can really enjoy playing while on the go. I do like racing game and at least the control not all that bad. The iPhone 6 + is pretty big, almost the size of my new nintendo 3ds xl but it's also slim and easily slid inside my right pocket.

I think, the 3ds can go a bit more slimmer so that it can easily go inside our front or back pockets. That'll be the ultimate mobile gaming console. I've also said before, Nintendo need to open up more and invite more developers to create more apps and games for the 3ds. It's fine that Nintendo stick to the franchise of Mario but if they want to attract more people to the 3ds then, they should have more varieties on games and apps.

The new nintendo 3ds is already a great gaming platform and I'm looking forward to more better slim feature, with data sim card ability for on the go surfing and maybe ability to chat via software like whatsapp on it. Better camera for recording and playback. Better sound system for music playback. Oh yeah, easier to download our own movies format etc.

Right now, I'm thinking what if they have a 'jony ive' for designing the future 3ds?

Food for thought eh?

Happy gaming!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Chat with Indie Game Dev Jason Campbell on Twitter

So, I had a little chat with Indie Game Developer Jason Campbell @GameDevJas on Twitter. I asked for his permission to repost it here. Have a quick read below:

Jason Campbell: Hey there! Thanks for the follow. I have been putting a hell of a lot of effort in to my game lately. Hopefully you like the progress :)
May 29

Me:  What kinda game r u making?
24h 24 hours ago

Jason Campbell: It is a martial arts, action adventure, platformer :)
24h 23 hours ago

Me: Any vids?
24h 23 hours ago

Jason Campbell: I do actually, unreleased but I'll grab the link for you.
23h 23 hours ago

Me: Cool.
23h 23 hours ago ( he send me game video link. Click the link if you're interested to watch his game trailer. pretty cool)

Jason Campbell: Still a work in progress :)
23h 23 hours ago

Me: Err no gameplay? But, looks like gonna be great. 👍 ( the gameplay is right at the end. I think :p)
23h 23 hours ago

Jason Campbell: Sure there was.
23h 23 hours ago

Me: Any plan to create games for the 3ds? I own one and think the controller is great for mobile gaming. 😬
23h 23 hours ago

Jason Campbell: Not at this stage, haven't got the hardware or the SDK to code for it.
23h 23 hours ago

Me: i see. all the best for your upcoming game then.
21h 21 hours ago

Jason Campbell: Thank dude :)
12h 12 hours ago

Me: Can I put this little chat bout ur game on my blog? If u have link to utube video that I can also share on my blog?
9h 9 hours ago

Jason Campbell: Sure. No YouTube videos yet. Just the trailer linked above :)
9h 9 hours ago

Me: so i can put the link for the trailer on my blog?
1h 1 hour ago

Me: i'll also put up your name and twitter address or do you have any bio/website etc people can check your work/updates?
1h 1 hour ago


Jason Campbell: :)
1h 56 minutes ago

Me: thanks.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

If any game dev interested to post about their games on my blog, hit me up at

I'm not a professional blogger or journalist. But, i like to post about games and hardware as you can see from my blog. Anyway, any promo is a good promo for your upcoming products. :)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - unboxing puzzle dragon z + puzzle dragons Mario ed...

Hey guys,

Finally, bought "Puzzle Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Bros. edition". I got it yesterday from my local game shop. Actually, they asked me if I had pre-ordered but I said no. I was glad, it doesn't matter.

At the same time, I bought Resident Evil revelation. I had wanted to buy it for awhile and finally got it together with Puzzle dragons Z + Puzzle dragons mario edition. I have loaded and tried both game yesterday. And, yeah. I really like it. It's really a great offer to have both version puzzle games on a single cartridge. If they had offer it as a limited edition, I'm sure it'll already be sold out by now.

Since, I bought my red New nintendo 3ds xl, I've been buying games almost every month! If i had more money, I would have bought more games. I'm eyeing some more games to buy once, i have the dough. The new nintendo 3ds xl is simply a great mobile gaming console. And, it's great to be able to play your favorite rpgs on it.

If you hadn't bought the new nintendo 3ds then, you should go out and get it. There will be more great rpgs coming out soon. I'm hoping for more shooter games and also latest games that's been available for the mobile phone. The controller are really great for mobile console gaming. Certainly, they could improve more by adding availability for data card and upgrade processor for more powerful graphics.

I'm sure, the nintendo 3ds would get even better in the future for better mobile gaming. It's already are a great mobile gaming console. Maybe, better slick industrial design that would appeal to the masses. Nintendo, should start to open up to the world. Everywhere I go, the fans are really small or maybe it's just in my area. Maybe, it's because the smartphone is the so-called "King" of mobile gaming but, the 3ds is the true mobile gaming console.

Oh well, as long as Nintendo, keep pushing the boundaries for mobile gaming console then I'm sure they'll eventually win the race. With their already loads of great games on offer. Why not? Meanwhile, hope you like my Puzzle Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Mario Bros edition unboxing video. I'm off to gaming weekends!

Happy gaming!

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Facebook want my real name and ids?

Today, for some reason, my Facebook session was ended. And, when I tried to log in, they told me this. See the pics. 

Why in hell would I want to put my real name and upload my ids to Facebook when I don't have to before? Why now? My friend say, someone might have tried to hack my account. But, I think it's because somebody complained about my opinions. 

I'm not interested in putting up my real name or uploading my ids to Facebook. Just a fcking social site whose boss is a Jew. They have an agenda and I'm not bowing to that. So, fck off Facebook and good riddance. 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

New Nintendo 3ds xl - xenoblade chronicles 3d

Hey guys,

I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3d for the past few days and despite the graphics which could be better in term of today techs, this game is fantastic. No wonder, it got great reviews from everyone. I wasn't actually really keen on getting the game once it was launch but decide to get it anyway.

I'm really happy, I did. I actually had to look for it at 3 game shop at 3 malls to finally find it in stock. What I was really surprised with is the fighting mechanics. I thought, it wouldn't be any different from other rpg games but it's totally unique and it actually work fine with the Nintendo 3ds control.

You'll have to think fast on your fingers though. There's a few fighting technique that you could or should use to defeat the mechon or monsters. I have to admit, I was stucked at trying to finish off the monster lizard for 7 hrs. I thought, if I saved at the point I was going to fight the lizard, I could save time. But, I kept dying. So, in the end I just start from where the system let me start and keep fighting the rabbit and lizards to level up to 9. Improved, my gear and defence. Until, I finally killed that damn lizard. :p

Once, I get pass the lizards, everything else was smooth sailing. That is until, I reach the part where, I and ahem 'reyn' need to kill the monster spider. Anyway, I stop to post this and give my brain and fingers a break. All i can say is, if you haven't got it, then go get it. If you haven't even get the New nintendo 3ds then go get it first. It's a great mobile gaming platform and I wish more games that were on IOS or Android will come to the nintendo 3ds.

I posted on the Dead Trigger Facebook page asking them if their game gonna be on the 3ds and they replied, not at the moment. I wish, it would come to the 3ds soon. With, the 3ds control, the game gonna be a blast to play. It would be funny, if they didn't think of getting their games on the 3ds. I mean, how many millions 3ds are sold since they were launch?

For me, the New nintendo 3ds xl is a great platform for rpg and even shooter games. I've bought a couple of games that could last me a lifetime. Yes, the rpg games full of adventures and monsters to fight through. My only gripe like I've said before is the graphics. It's not even on par with my iPhone 6 plus. I hope they improve on it in the future. Anyway, hope you like the video I post today.

Happy gaming!